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1 February 2010 fee changes and service updates

We’ve been listening to your feedback about the website and are working to make it even more user friendly.

First up, we are preparing a help menu and including sections in the Frequently Asked Questions menu on ‘billing’, ‘transcriptions’ and ‘the website’. This will be finalised in the next few weeks.

Secondly, a few clients have contacted us to check if we have received their billings. If you fax your billings to us we will confirm receipt by email. If you upload your billings to the website you will automatically receive an email confirmation.

We store all of your billings on the website. You can locate them in your client login area anytime. Yes, this applies no matter how we receive your billings, including faxing. Even if you hand write on scraps of paper and post your billings using snail mail we will still scan and upload them for you. This is for your benefit so that you can see exactly what we have received, when we received it and when it was processed. We have yet to crack the code on creating electronic files from smoke signals but the IT team is on the case!

In your client login area just type the word ‘billings’ in the box, hit enter, then scroll to the bottom of the new page. There you will see all of your current and completed billings. You can click on any file and view the details.

Synapse is busy working towards the March launch of Just Your Type, a fast and cost-efficient transcription service, and is currently testing the service with a few very brave clients!

We are also looking at offering online appointment scheduling services in the very near future. Watch this space…

MBF fees will be indexed effective 1 February 2010.  An updated table of fees will be posted on the members’ blog from that date for you to view.

And finally reports. If we have completed billings for you in the month of January your reports will be emailed to you and posted on your client login area. There’s more information about monthly reporting in the login area.

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