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Important: Latest version of Synapps – version 2.2.0 – will be released next week

We are excited to announce that our latest version of Synapps – version 2.2.0 – will be released next week. We have been working tirelessly on improving the app, always remaining strongly focused on compliant billing.

In addition to minor bug fixes and enhancements, please read on for the major changes…


Watch us work on your billings!


This is the coolest new function in 2.2.0. We have now synchronised the app to our backend billing operations so you can watch us work. You will now see live status updates appearing on the app in the ‘sent billings’ screen. Here’s an explanation of the various statuses you will see:

  • New – we have received your billing
  • In Progress – we are processing your billing
  • Final Check – a team leader is doing final quality assurance to ensure compliance
  • Completed – done and sent!
  • Delayed – it appears your claims have missing or incorrect information, or something just doesn’t make sense! Our senior billers are reviewing. You don’t have to do anything. We will contact you for clarification if necessary.
  • Claims Pending – we have completed and sent everything we can, but are missing information on some claims. We have tried to obtain the missing information ourselves but have been unsuccessful. You have received an email or call from us.
  • Query – we have contacted you 3 times by email for missing information, but have not received a reply. We know you are busy but we can’t make up billing details and need your help. No further action will be taken until we hear from you.
  • On Hold – usually a provider registration issue. You don’t need to do anything. We will contact you.

A blank batch indicates you have switched from the old to the new app recently. Please sync your app by pulling down from the top of the screen.


There are major changes to the way this function works including auto population of some details, and notifications concerning expiry dates.

We want to help you stay on track with your billings and referral dates are an important part of your compliance obligations, so you will now be required to enter the referral date when creating a new referral.

Rules engine

The rules engine is perhaps the most important part of Synapps which is hidden in the hundreds of thousands of lines of code that sit behind the user interface.

We are committed to programming every billing rule for as long as it takes and in this release we have added quite a few.

You’ll only see them if you try to bill something incorrectly, when a pop up will appear informing you of item number clashes, legislation underpinning a rule, and various other important barriers to stop you claiming things you just can’t claim or preventing you from trying to claim an outpatient only item when you are billing an inpatient list.

Sounds good doesn’t it? Well we think so and hope you find these changes a great benefit to you when using Synapps version 2.2.0.

We’ll send another quick bulletin to let you know when it’s available on the store next week.

All the best
Margaret and the Synapse team


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