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Social Media – The Rise of Video Content at Synapse!

Social Media The Rise of Video Content at Synapse

It’s a well-known fact that social media has revolutionised the way businesses use technology. Now, however, with the rise of video content, it appears that there are more changes ahead.

Video Content

When someone says videos, we tend to think of YouTube. After all, YouTube is the biggest video-sharing platform on the web.

However YouTube is no longer the only video-sharing social media outlet. Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram all present viable ways for businesses to share video content, and for their audiences to consume it.


Research done by Cisco Public shows that by 2019, 85% of all Google Searches will be for video content. From a business standpoint, this means that marketers need to develop an understanding of how video content operates and use that to enhance their brand and engage their audiences.

The truth is, consumers respond to direct, engaging content, and every day, they are bombarded with online advertising. Videos provide a viable way to cut through all of that.

What Does This Mean for Your Business?

This may involve dedicating staff to a YouTube channel, or developing video content that can be shared across other social media platforms. It should involve looking at the statistics behind the marketing. For example, 86% of business-related videos are viewed on desktops. This suggests that, for the time being at least, business-related videos should be made with a desktop perspective, as opposed to a phone or tablet perspective, in mind.

For a medical practice, this might involve staying up to date with local news, festivities such as Easter and New Year, to more serious and health-directed matters, such as immunisations, flu-season or the latest developments in public health policy. It’s also great to see what your network is up to.


Simply because something is on the rise doesn’t make it automatically effective. However, in the case of video content, the opposite is true. Video content is on the rise and is very effective.


Video content builds trust. When a viewer is watching a video, they hear someone’s voice, they may see their face and body language, and if eye contact is established, they will subconsciously begin to develop trust.

Trusting the individual in the videos allows them to trust the business, because the marketing approach feels more personalised and warm.


Videos are more engaging than written articles, people are more likely to click to watch video content than shared articles. If the video is embedded on your site, they are also more likely to stay on your site for a longer period of time than had they been reading an article.

Why? Because not only are videos engaging, but they are also easy to consume. They require substantially less work than reading and comprehending an article. People want information and they want it as quickly as possible.

This is because we all live busy lives, with more demands on our time than ever before. Therefore, it is important to reach your intended target in more ways than one. Relevant and purposeful video contact allows your business to do that – spread your voice!

Contact Us

During 2018 Synapse Medical Services will be launching exciting new products, operating internationally in new territories and engaging with new networks as we go. We are committed to utilising video to assist with this – especially as we have lots to say!

We will be using video to challenge some of the current healthcare myths, explain new services and merely to be social. We want to engage with you and our wider international healthcare community.

You’ll be able to watch us spread updates on the following:

So please enjoy our videos during the year and provide feedback whenever you like. We welcome the discussion and we want to create new content.

So watch this space for some particularly exciting news coming soon.. as a video!

If you would like to learn more about anything that you see in our video content, then please contact Synapse Medical on 1300 510 114 or visit to visit our contact page.

We want to hear from you.

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