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Are Medical Billing System technologies the new future of medical billing

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Synapps MBS – The future of medical billing is here. Don’t get left behind.

In Australia, medical billing can be extremely complicated and tedious. With Australia’s mixture of private and public healthcare, and changes constantly being made, billing errors can commonly occur and cause the process to become difficult. Traditional medical billing services tend to be expensive, slow, and unable to keep up with the changing market.

The new first of a kind medical billing platform technology from Synapse is a game-changer. The Synapps Medical Billing System is an app-based, cloud led technology that provides support from experts whenever you need it. It’s incredibly fast, accurate, and costs only a fraction of the price compared to its competitors. Clunky percentage based billing is a thing of the past!

One of the biggest differences is that Synapse is offering this technology at a flat, monthly subscription fee, where many other billing systems charge commission rates. This means you can fix your own overheads, have total transparency on your practice, get responses straight away (that would usually take ages or you wouldn’t see at all) thus giving you more time to do what you do best: treat patients.

The comprehensive rules engine is constantly developing with a vastly experienced rules committee adding to the complex medical nuances every month. Meaning that once a problem has been fixed it will always be correct for you! This really is instant billing with Medicare and the private funds for your practice, all for a simple monthly subscription.

Here’s a few other reasons why the Synapps MBS is the perfect choice for your billing system:


Most Affordable Process on the Market

Many health care providers are giving a commission of their services to a medical billing service, meaning their overheads are set at a higher rate. The Synapps MBS can bring down costs by over 70% with the use of a flat, monthly subscription fee. For example, if your average monthly percentage fee using a billing service is $1000, your new fee using the MBS system on the premium package will be just $249. That is an amazing saving that can be put to better use elsewhere in your practice. There are 3 packages available to sign up to. It is also worth noting that should you wish to pay for a yearly subscription in advance, you will receive 12 months’ worth of billing for the price of 10. This offer currently runs until the end of July.


High Accuracy

The Synapps MBS has its own evolving Rules Engine, which ensures that any complicated invoices aren’t lost in the system, resulting in a slow turnaround of payment. The Rules Engine is the most comprehensive in the market, ensuring that billing is done right the first time and then every time after that.


Instant Billing

Instant billing means your patient knows exactly how much they need to pay and will receive their rebates faster. There will be no need to wait at the reception desk to settle accounts. Your patients can just tap and go and will feel happier because of it.


Expert Assistance

There’s always times when a particular bill will be complicated. Thankfully, if there’s a rejection or part-paid bill there will be an expert on hand to solve the problem. They’re also there for you should you need to discuss any part of the system at any time.

Basically we always wanted a system like this in Australia, something that links all the various parties together, so we created it!

If you’re a medical specialist or physician with regular billing you would be mad to not switch to Synapps MBS. Wait no more, the future is here.

Watch some videos about this new platform here.

If you’d like to learn more about Synapse Medical or the Synapps MBS, call us on 1300 173 870 or contact us online. We would be delighted to hear from you.

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