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Revolutionise your medical billing with Synapse’s industry disruptive Medical Billing System packages!

Last year we launched our app based medical billing system Synapps MBS to supercharge your medical billing at a fraction of the cost. Backed by a powerful rules engine Synapps MBS users can bill with confidence, receive payments faster and with fewer rejections.

We’ve listened to your feedback and have now released a range of new packages to suit your needs. If you’re doing your own medical billing, wish to retain as much control as possible and keep your costs down, we have a range of DIY packages as well as a new no-gap pack for just $6.30 per day with unlimited claims and all rejections followed up. If you’re looking for something more comprehensive but still want a hassle free solution that can readily take care of all your billing needs with extra support if you need it, our percentage package will be perfect for you.

The end of tick sheets and pockets full of stickers is finally here!

For more details and full specifications on these new packages visit our website.

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