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Synapse to Sponsor Charity Rally Team

Team aiming to raise $5000 for Cancer Council in Mystery Box Rally 2019

As one of Australia’s largest community lead fundraising events for the Cancer Council, each year the Mystery Box Rally sends competitors and their vehicles into the bush for 5 days of driving challenges. Starting and ending in Byron Bay on NSW’s north coast, all other route details are kept secret and only revealed to the teams each morning just prior to starting. The vehicles used must be at least 25 years old and 2 wheel drive.

Synapse’s protagonists in this year’s event are Pat, Tim and their 1985 XJ Jaguar. Calling themselves the “B flat battlers” in reference to their high school band playing days (Pat and Tim that is, not so much the Jag), flat tyres and their likely physical and mental approach to the event; they aim to raise $5000 for the Cancer Council. The team are confident however, noting on their event webpage that they do not anticipate the risk of running into a wall will be high. Presumably this includes both real and metaphorical varieties. Nonetheless, we at Synapse are incredibly proud and excited to be involved in this endeavour and will be releasing updates in the lead-up to and during the rally.

For donations and the latest updates on the B flat battlers:

The Mystery Box Rally 2019 aims to raise $1m in partnership with the Cancer Council towards cancer research.

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