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Dubai to become 3D printing hub

Health professionals have gathered again in Dubai for the seventh edition of the Advance Health networking event, held by Dubai Science Park (DSP) to generate discussion on the processes, applications, and the conditions for adopting 3D printing technology in the healthcare sector of the UAE. Attendees were also able to witness an interactive demonstration of 3D printing in action

With the theme ‘How 3D Printing Is Transforming Health’, the event was organised in partnership with Synapse Medical Services, a healthcare administration company, and Connect Communications, a strategic healthcare communications agency, and featured panellists from the Dubai Health Authority (DHA), Aetrex Worldwide, Burjeel Hospital, EOS and Sinterex.



“Already employed successfully in complex surgeries, 3D printing is likely to revolutionise the domain due to its personalisation capabilities as well as the fact that it minimises risk and maximises positive outcomes.”



Dr. Mohammed Al Redha, Director of Project Management Office, Informatics and Smart Health at the DHA, said, “Technology in the healthcare space has the potential to transform lives for the better. The role of 3D printing is promising due to its precision, speed and the potential savings it can bring to healthcare systems. We have already seen the benefits of this technology across a number of areas in Dubai including dentistry, surgeries and 3D printed prosthetics. Our aim is to continue to work in collaboration with the private sector to see how we can best implement this technology within Dubai’s healthcare landscape.”

Speaking about the event’s topic, Marwan Abdulaziz Janahi, Managing Director of DSP and Chairing Member of the Pharmaceuticals and Medical Equipment Taskforce of the Dubai Industrial Strategy 2030, said, “As technology continues to evolve, its implementation extends into diverse sectors. As an industry with a significant potential for growth, healthcare is no exception.”

Images courtesy of Dubai Science Park

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