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EBM Analytics and Synapse Medical Services announce integration and partnership

Synapse Medical Services, the company with Australia’s only comprehensive medical billing rules engine and automated clinical coding (Aircoder), and EBM Analytics (EBM), a leading Australian-based technology and consultancy team dedicated to the provision of high-quality clinical research and management services, are delighted to announce a partnership following a successful technology integration.

Both companies share a vision of streamlining data collection and analytics to support specialists care. The offering of both organisations has been strengthened by an API integration between the data collected by EBM in clinical research studies or clinical registries and Synapse’s automated clinical coding tool, Aircoder.

This means that EBM data can be instantly converted into both ICD-10 AM/ACHI and Snomed codes simultaneously, with a full support team monitoring along the way, meaning EBM have more accurate data for their healthcare facility clients.

Synapse CEO, Margaret Faux, said this partnership was a great fit, as it creates significant additional benefits for both organisations and any client that EBM work with. Faux said “Since launching the Aircoder platform in late 2019 we have been looking for new and exciting partners that share a desire to remove waste from health data collection and maximise resource capabilities. Aircoder allows EBM greater clarity on their clinical research at a lower costs, and EBM bring Synapse a wonderful team to work with”.

EBM Analytics provide end-to-end services for each client that includes reviewing clinical outcomes, medical imaging, database administration, clinical research and creating clinical registries. Partnership with Synapse adds automated clinical coding to any code set, and an experienced team to support that offering.

Director, Dr Corey Scholes, said “Following the initial conversations on both sides have been working hard to put something in place as it was immediately apparent, we could work together. We are delighted to integrate with the Aircoder platform. The system allows our team to focus on other areas of client service delivery safe in the knowledge that the data our research collects will be turned into something tangible and accurate for our provider clients and very quickly too.”

The development teams on both sides have worked hard to ensure data is now transmitted directly from EBM to Aircoder. It is accurately coded within seconds to the code sets EBM desires, and presented via Aircoder’s comprehensive reporting functionality.

Cameron Begley, another EBM Director, added “Our interoperability with Aircoder allows us to work smarter and faster. This is critical in clinical research programs and when establishing accurate clinical registries”.

The partnership is initially focused on servicing existing contracts and clients, but there are plans to expand the capabilities to other markets, such as the UAE, where Synapse has been operating for five years from its Dubai office. Scholes added “we met Synapse via an Austrade webinar that was exploring NSW healthcare entities doing business in the Middle East, where Synapse Business Development Director, Thom Soutter, was presenting. We’ve moved quickly to establish the relationship and see this as just the start”.

This announcement is a key step in the growth of the Aircoder product that is one of a kind and is going from strength to strength on the international stage.

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