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Medical Republic article – Ins, outs, and in-outs! 

In the January 18 2022 issue of The Medical Republic’s Money & Medicine newsletter, Dr Margaret Faux explains why the latest update to Medicare rebates is no more than a breathtakingly amateur cost-cutting exercise and is completely devoid of any understanding of the law, or data supply chain governance.


“Findings from my PhD made clear that legal literacy around correct use of Medicare is extremely low, and the system itself has become so incoherent that compliance is nigh impossible. This change will not only compound compliance challenges for doctors working in public hospitals, but is a clear example of compliance being literally impossible – you cannot actually do what GN.1.2 says!”

Read the full article, BREAKING: Government doesn’t know how Medicare works by Dr Margaret Faux, from The Medical Republic website.

About the Author:
Dr Margaret Faux is a health system administrator, lawyer and registered nurse with a PhD in Medicare compliance, and is the CEO of AIMAC, which offers courses and explainers on legally correct Medicare billing.



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