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PSR-strengthening bill sails through committee – Medical Republic article

Penny Durham author of the article, PSR-strengthening bill sails through committee, published on the Medical Republic website April 4th, informs us of the key changes to the PSR strengthening bill that looks to pass the Senate. The article includes quotes from Dr Margaret Faux on the reforms and related issues around Medicare inconsistencies.

As for the PSR, Dr Faux submitted: “Its crude methods of investigation and prosecution target doctors who would almost all bill better/differently if they had access to reliable education and support and the MBS item descriptions made sense.   “Instead, these doctors are subjected to extremely distressing, drawn out PSR investigations (conducted in secret without public scrutiny), while rogue practitioners like those seen in the recent ABC Four Corners program ‘Cosmetic Cowboys’ unlawfully bill services to Medicare but fly under the audit radar.”

Read the full article, PSR-strengthening bill sails through committee, by Penny Durham, from The Medical Republic website.


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