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Medical Republic article – When it comes to billing, doctors eat their young

21 Oct 2021

In the recent article for The Medical Republic, Solicitor and CEO of Synapse Medical, Margaret Faux, discusses Medicare billing in a GP practice and the lack of education for registrars.

“…my research found some commendable attempts to teach correct use of Medicare, the ov…

Medical Republic article – Medical billing is full of reasonable doubts

7 Oct 2021

There is a common view that medical billing is easy and doctors can learn what they need to know on the job. In the third article in this series, Margaret Faux highlights a few items that no one (including Medicare) knows how to bill correctly.

Read the full article, Medical b…

Medical Republic article – Medicare: how it started, how it’s going

22 Sep 2021

In 1975 when Medibank (later Medicare) was first introduced, the regulatory landscape was pretty simple.

Forty-five years later, it has morphed into a twisted and snarled morass of incoherent laws and other legal instruments, so complex and mercurial it would be beyond the com…

Medical Republic article – Why I did a PhD on Medicare claiming and compliance

7 Sep 2021

In this series of articles for TMR’s Money & Medicine, Margaret Faux shares her extensive research findings and recommendations for reform designed to modernise Medicare.

The first article in the series, reveals Margaret’s journey into the complexities of the Medicare …

Medical Republic article – MBS Wild West

7 Sep 2021

In the recent article for The Medical Republic,  Solicitor and CEO of Synapse Medical, Margaret Faux, discusses the launch of their online educational platform called the Australian Institute of Medical Administration and Compliance (AIMAC).

“We’re very excited to have pu…