Feeling the love

Here’s what some of our happy clients have to say…

Quality clinical coding service

Jim Tatlock, Habitat Therapeutics Private Hospital – Clinical coding client

Very quick and great service. Thank you.

Our numbers have never looked better!

Rochelle Morton, Medical Team Leader-Patient Accounts, Icon Cancer Care Head Office – MBS billing client

The numbers have never looked so beautiful. It’s a brilliant system, and the enhancements only make it better!

Can’t ask for a better service

Dr Mehr Shaikh, Consultant Geriatrician – Billing client

Excellent services with Synapse. Easy to contact, always get back when queries are raised and prompt payment. Can’t ask for a better service.

Easy to use billing system

Dr Clair Langford, Geriatrician – Billing client

I am usually the most disorganised doctor when it comes to billing. I am so often having to run away to pick up kids or make a meeting that I don’t always remember to log the bill. With the app I can easily track back what I have missed once the label is in the system. They are trying to set up a similar system in the public hospital but I am still finding yours more accessible.

Valuable support

Glenn Paulus, Office and Business Manager – Transcription client

Synapse have provided valuable support to the Mid North Coast Cancer Institute for 2 years in relation to the provision of quality and timely medical typing transcription services.

I'm never going back!

Corporate client beta tester - led to a companywide roll out.

I'm never going back! The other weekend on-call doctor still has half filled tick sheets in the boot of his car
and I've already been paid.

Transcription service for psychiatric medicolegal reports

Transcription client

I have been using the transcription service for psychiatric medicolegal reports since December 2017, and cannot fault them.
The IT system is seamless, the communication is swift, and the accuracy of transcription is excellent. Many thanks!


Mr Sameer Singh – JYT, International Transcription client (UK)

Excellent as always

Really good

JYT, Transcription client – April 2018

Really good - happy to have changed from another transcription company.

Commend the accuracy

Transcription client

I would like to commend the accuracy of the Just Your Type service. My first 3 letters were almost 100% perfect, and that is very pleasing indeed. Thankyou!

Appreciate all the hard work

Billing client

Thank you so much for this. Really appreciate all the hard work. Great to know I get such good backup from my billing company and they come through when things go wrong.

Praise for our IT support

New Billing client

I just wanted to let you know how helpful Rio has been with setting up the app and sorting out the issues with my outpatient list, he has been fantastic.
I could not have asked for better assistance or customer service and wanted you to know how patient and helpful Rio has been.

Potentially sticky situation averted

Appointmaid client

Synapse team member was "very quick to think on his feet and help me by rapidly and accurately checking the appointment notes. Please thank him, it was a potentially sticky situation".

Lovely and Reassuring

IFC client

I just wanted to feedback to you that one of my patients sang your praises to me and said how lovely and reassuring you were on the phone.Thank you for that - it's important to me and great to know my patients are being well cared for. Well done!

Prompt response

Large Hospital client

Thanks for such a prompt response - every encounter with Synapse gives us such confidence.


Billing & IFC client

I really wanted to say how impressed I have been with your IFC success rate and your punctuality with communication.


New UK transcription client

The report was perfect - thanks. I will use you now for all clinical negligence work and the complex personal injury reports as there is less editing to do my side - so yes you were right!.


Billing client

The update to Synapps is great. I can now see where payments are up to at a glance.

Well done

New UK transcription client

Very well done. On time and with no issues at all. I am very impressed.


IFC client

You are awesome! Thanks a million.


New transcription client

5 out of 5. Excellent. Thank you very much for an exceptional service.

Excellent Service

Many thanks for the reply and your help. I have been very impressed with the professionalism of your organisation. You guys provide an excellent service.

Fabulous Staff

Your staff are absolutely fabulous, Anuja, Ramya, Lorraine and Gabby are all amazing. I wish I found your service a long time ago I am honestly so pleased with it.


New transcription client

That was perfect! Thank you.

Going extremely well

In response to your questions everything is going extremely well. I am very happy with the system, the turnaround is fantastic, letters are accurate and the transfer to our system is smooth.

Very happy

I am very happy with the transcription. Thank you very much.

Easy and convenient

The app is great! Very easy and convenient.

Can find no fault

The service has been absolutely fantastic and I can find no fault.

Fantastic service

I must say that as a company you provide a fantastic service and everybody I have dealt with has just been so helpful. I will continue to recommend your services.

Perfect and Prompt

Thank you, the first letter was perfect and prompt. No changes needed!


Billing client

I really have appreciated the efficient service, with all documents promptly received and confirmed, and reports of billing and receipting as well as the web-based access, and queries raised promptly.


The service from Synapse is exceptional. The initial setup was quick and easy. Margaret and her staff are very professional, experienced and courteous. I encourage anyone who is thinking of trying Synapse to do it.

Five star recommendation

Bruce W Stephens & Associates

BWS&A engaged Synapse to support us with eleven video transcriptions from a recent Cancer Council of Australia conference. Margaret and her team delivered the transcripts ahead of time, with exceptional accuracy and within budget. We received constant project updates and delivery confirmations, ensuring peace of mind for our client. 5 star recommendation.

Quick fix

New transcription client

Very happy that things have been rectified so quickly and the letters are now essentially perfect!

Best in a decade

Hospital client

We have made more progress in two phone calls and an email from you than we have made with other potential providers over a decade.

Best in show

Transcription client

I was very impressed with the standard of transcription. I was pleased by the accuracy, format, and speed of the turnaround. I have used many services over the years and you have provided the best standard I have ever come across. 


Synapps user

The App is just fab!


Palliative care physician

Thank you so much, this is wonderful. I am so pleased I made the decision to make the move to Synapse.

Ten Second Billings

Synapps user

I just want to let you know that yesterday, after my ward round, I literally billed and sent it in ten seconds. This included opening the app and entering my PIN. I love you!

Very satisfied

Billing client

Just a little note to say that I am very satisfied with Synapse billing system.

Long term

Billing client

I am very happy with your service and look forward to a long term relationship!

Free at last

Synapps user

Synapse is so easy for my billing and I feel I am free now. Keep it up. I am very happy with your service.

Diligent support

Billing client

I am very grateful that have received your diligent support.

Totally transformed!

Billing client

Thanks so much to you and your team for all your help this year. Your service and services are outstanding and have totally transformed my professional life for the better!

Should have done it sooner!

Billing and transcription client

Thanks for following up. We are very happy with everything and are questioning why we didn't do it sooner!


Billing and informed financial consent client

By the way, one of my patients voluntarily told me how impressed he was with you and your professionalism when you spoke to him last week. Many thanks for the great work.

Actually learnt something

MediMind quiz winner

I commend you on your challenging quiz, it makes a change from the simple lucky draws that other companies run at these meetings. I found myself actually researching the medical health act and learnt something about the MBS, Medicare and post-war Australian political history!

Exactly what I want

Transcription client

I am most impressed by the layout and transcription. It is exactly as I have wanted. Thank you and kudos to your team.

Super service

Feedback from client who experienced an issue following download of a new Synapps release

All fixed - thanks to speedy advice from Marcus. Super service Margaret!

Satisfied Consultant Paediatrician

Consultant Paediatrician

From Consultants Practice Manager - Dr has just advised me that he is very happy with the letters, especially the turn around and also the editing etc.

Loving it

Billing client

I'm loving your service.


Practice Manager

Thank you so much for your assistance - you are awesome!

I am so pleased I made this decision

Palliative Care Physician

Thank you so much, this is wonderful. I am so pleased I made the decision to make the move to Synapse.

Kept all promises

Practice Manager

Just wanted to say thank you to you and your team for delivering on all of your promises regarding your transcription services. We were very impressed with the ease of the whole process as well as your turnaround time. You have certainly impressed our worst critic in the practice and that takes a lot to do : ) Keep up the good work.

Transformed my lifen


I want to start using your billing service, after finding that your transcription service is just so excellent it transformed my life.


Medico-legal transcription client

Fab typing. Thanks.

Minutes not hours

Synapps user

I really do recommend Synapse and especially since the billing app became available. It is easy to use and very efficient, and certainly has changed my life - happy husband as payments come in quicker, happy daughter as I have more time for her, and happy me as billing now takes minutes and not hours!

Even my kids love Synapps!

Synapps user

Even my 10-year-old daughter raves about how the app has changed my life!

Courteous and professional

Appointmaid client

You have provided a very courteous and professional service at all times. I hope you will convey to them [Gabrielle and Rodney] our gratitude.

Life changing

Billing client

You have changed my life! No really, I am telling everyone about you. I used to spend hours every week doing billings but no more. And I love the app, not a piece of paper to be had.

Used many services over many years

Transcription client

I was very impressed with the standard of transcription. I was pleased by the accuracy, format, and speed of the turnaround. I have used many services over the years and you have provided the best standard I have ever come across.

I have my life back!

Synapps user

i, just wanted to let you know that I had to see a few patients today (Saturday) and had completed and sent the billings on the steps of the hospital before I returned to my car. I am very impressed with your work. I have my life back.

Speech night

Synapps user

Hey, just billed my ward round while sitting here at my son's speech night! Took 20 seconds.

Superb support

Client of all Synapse services

I am delighted to report that my brand new (7 months old now) private practice is going very well thanks to the superb support of your team. It is fantastic to have all services provided by you and everything happens so quickly and reliably. It sure has taken a lot of stress and concern from me so I can just focus on the clinical issues - which is all I ever wanted. Thanks so much! I appreciated your encouragement and patience with my anxieties around setting up my practice. I am more than happy to endorse your company (and do at every opportunity).


Transcription client after first letter

Thanks very much Synapse. The letter was great!


Billing client

Thanks for processing my claims and your brilliant service.

Great service

Billing client and Synapps fan

Thanks for your great service. I've recommended you to many of my colleagues and some of them now share my enjoyment of Synapps.

Cannot thank you enough

Synapps telehealth client

I cannot thank you enough that you have set up this service!

Sincere thanks

Transcription client

Thank you for the first month of service. It has helped greatly in moving some of the backlog. I am much closer to being up to date and hope to be on top of it all by the end of the month. If I have dedicated typists, please pass my sincere thanks on to them.

Utmost quality

Transcription client

The transcriptions I received were of the utmost quality and the only corrections I had to make were due to my poor enunciation rather than any errors on your side. We appreciate your professionalism and that of your team.

Just Fab!

Synapps user

The App is just fab!

Life is better

Synapps user

Life is just so very much better after the app. Thank you! I have now caught up with my billing.

Customer service

Transcription client

I am delighted that you called. I just love your customer service.

Simply send it and it's done!

Client of all Synapse services

Have I mentioned lately how much I appreciate your company and the service provided. It is such a relief to be able to simply send things and have it all done.

Loving the app!

Synapps user one week in

I am loving the billing App. Has saved me at least 2 hours of precious time already!

Quality support

Appointmaid client

Thanks for rearranging my clinic for me. Also, I was pleased with the service of forwarding a GP call to me today - very nicely done. I do appreciate the quality of support you are providing and, therefore, the image I project to patients and GPs.

Turnaround time fantastic

Transcription client

The speed with which the files are returned is just fantastic and the quality is also excellent. Yep, I am very happy with the service at Synapse.


Transcription client

I love your typists they are sooooo accurate!

The most progress we have seen in 10 years.

Hospital client

We have made more progress in 2 phone calls and an email from you than we have made with other potential providers in a decade.


New transcription client

Fantastic quality of medical typing - makes checking my letters so much easier.


Transcription client

I received my letters on Friday afternoon, nicely typed thank you.

Very good dictation service

Billing and transcription client

Your dictation service is very good by the way.

Efficiency and ease

Billing client

Thank you very much for the service to date, I've been very impressed with its efficiency and ease.


Transcription client

You are all doing a wonderful job.


Transcription client

The quality of the reports is good indeed.


Synapps user

You are all to be congratulated for creating such a brilliant app which seems to be very intuitive and user friendly.

Wonderful business

Billing client

You run such a wonderful business.

Impressed with your service

Billing client

Thank you for your prompt work, impressed with your service!

(H) appy user

Synapps user

I love the app, it's great and it makes the billing process so efficient. I love that I send it and you receive it straight away.

Before I'd even got to the carpark

Synapps user

I was called into the hospital on the weekend to see a patient, so had to drop by on my way home from taking my son to football. I had sent the claim before I had even returned to the carpark to head home. So cool!


Billing client and app user

I had started the long process of contacting each fund individually and was getting stressed about it all when a friend told me about Synapse. I no longer had to deal with Medicare or with the health insurance funds. It was easy. Even beta testing the billing app was relatively stress free. It's a good service.


Synapps user

Yesterday I was asked to see a patient up on the ward. I had sent the claim before I left the room! It was incredible really.

Absolute transformation!

Synapps user

Even with new patients and different item numbers, I can do my billings on the bus on the way home usually in about a minute. Sometimes in a few seconds literally. It has never taken me longer than 2 minutes and I used to spend at least half an hour every day organising stickers on bits of paper and scribbling item numbers and details and then scanning and uploading or faxing. It's an absolute transformation!

Excellent job

Billing client

Thank you very much, you are doing an excellent job.

In demand

Synapps user

I am showing off your App to all my colleagues and they all want it!

I love it!

Synapps user

I love it!

Very impressed

Billing client

By the way the colleagues I have referred to your service are very impressed.


I really appreciate your excellent service.

During bus ride...

Synapps user

ey, just did my billings on the bus!


Transcription client

Your service has been wonderful and I am very grateful for your help!

Beautifully done

Transcription client after an urgent request

Thank you. Received on time as promised. Beautifully done.

Huge improvement

Billing client

It's going very well, I am very happy at how quickly I am getting paid now. Such a huge improvement for me. I am very glad I finally got my act together and joined you!


Very impressed with our first letter, it looks really good! Happy with your service so far!

Great job

Transcription client

Could you please thank the typist who is transcribing my letters. She is doing a great job.

Excellent communication

Synapps user

Above all, the communication is excellent - one always knows how things are in regards to outstanding bills

Good service

Synapps user

I can follow (claims processing) on the website and that is a very good service.

I wanted to commend you on your service

I really have appreciated the efficient service with all documents promptly received and confirmed, and reports of billing and receipting as well as the web based access, and queries raised promptly.


Billing client

I really value the ability to speak to someone almost instantaneously and have problems taken care of. In a busy schedule, this is an invaluable convenience. Great initiative is shown by the staff of Synapse in problem-solving

Love your work

Love your work! Whenever anyone asks me how to cope with billing I say, "Talk to Margaret."


Synapse is basically doing everything perfectly.


The service is always professional, courteous, accurate and knowledgeable. The processing speed of claims is superb.

Service is exceptional

The service from Synapse is exceptional. The initial setup was quick and easy. Margaret and her staff are very professional, experienced and courteous. I encourage anyone who is thinking of trying Synapse to do it.

Great team

Your team has been great to work with.

Swift and efficient

I always appreciate your swift and efficient business. Thank you.


Thanks for your excellent business.

Quick and essentially perfect

A new Just Your Type client after only a few batches of letters - we worked with him to tweak the design, until we had his letters exactly as he liked them: "Very happy that things have been rectified so quickly and the letters are now essentially perfect!"