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“Thinking Outside the Hospital Box” with Murdoch University Dubai

19 Mar 2019

Ranking UAE healthcare as best 10th worldwide on systems operations, efficiency and quality
Press Release
Celebrating the UAE’s global Health Care ranking and discussing leadership in Health Care Management

Dubai, UAE – Murdoch University Dubai held a Health Care Managemen…

Revolutionise your medical billing with Synapse’s industry disruptive Medical Billing System packages!

27 Feb 2019

Last year we launched our app based medical billing system Synapps MBS to supercharge your medical billing at a fraction of the cost. Backed by a powerful rules engine Synapps MBS users can bill with confidence, receive payments faster and with fewer rejections.

We’ve listen…

The importance of data in improving healthcare – Advance Health

21 Feb 2019

DUBAI, 23rd February, 2019 — Dubai Science Park, a science and healthcare-focused business community, hosted the fifth edition of its Advance Health event, a networking platform that connects key healthcare stakeholders in the UAE.

The forum, which brings together leadin…

Arab Health 2019

20 Feb 2019

Arab Health 2019 was as busy as ever and we rounded up the week with a Dubai Science Park networking event, which is held annually during the conference. We were delighted to be part of the “Industry Hub” for the evening and speak to delegates from around the globe about busi…

Is this the biggest Medicare rort of all?

19 Feb 2019

Written by Margaret Faux – Founder & CEO at Synapse Medical Services, published in Medical Observer, 4th February, 2019.

Hospitals pestering GPs to add a name to referrals so they can bulk-bill outpatients smacks of a double-dipping scandal

If you relied on the MBS,…

Clinical Coding with Synapse Medical Services

8 Feb 2019

Synapse Medical Services is an Australian owned company excelling in remote clinical coding solutions for hospitals of any size. We offer service solutions for both paper based and electronic medical records for long term, short term or intermittent engagements.

To learn mor…

Australia Day and India’s Republic Day share the same date. Serendipity or a message from Goddess Lakshmi for Australian businesses to step up?

30 Jan 2019

Written by Margaret Faux – Founder & CEO at Synapse Medical Services
When Australians think of India they naturally think of the north. Maybe, as playwright David Williamson would have us think, we’re always “travelling north”. I mean, we don’t really have very muc…

Hospitals may risk harsh penalties under new Medicare legislation

9 Jan 2019

On the 1st of July 2018 new Medicare legislation came into effect. Section 82 of the Health Insurance Act 1973 was amended with further definition of what could be considered “inappropriate practice” and subject to Professional Services Review (PSR). Notably:

(2)  A perso…

Preventative Measures and Positive Lifestyle Changes can pose as a Cost-Effective Solution to Tackle Non-Communicable Diseases

20 Dec 2018

Latest edition of Dubai Science Park’s Advance Health networking event highlights importance of wellness for overall health.
Dubai-UAE: 6th December, 2018 – Dubai Science Park (DSP), a holistic science-focused business community, hosted its fourth Advance Heal…

Synapse Connect December 2018 Bulletin

19 Dec 2018

So here it is, Merry Christmas!

Where has 2018 gone?! With the festive season well and truly upon us it is a good time to reflect on the twelve months that are coming to a close and what a wonderful 2018 it has been.

This year we’ve worked so hard and achieved so much th…

5 common medical billing mistakes and how to avoid them

18 Dec 2018

Ensuring your medical billing is accurate and your claims compliant is important.
Current industry standards suggest approximately 10% of claims are rejected. Keeping the number of rejected claims to a minimum is therefore important for your cash flow and for maintaining efficie…

Brave new world of health care

13 Dec 2018

Margaret and Steven Faux are harnessing technology in very different ways to push health care into a new era of efficiency and breakthrough applications.
Scrawled on the whiteboard perched in Margaret Faux’s office in Sydney’s eastern suburbs is a cacophony of acronyms and…

5 ways to get the most out of your medical transcription service

4 Dec 2018

On average we speak seven times faster than we can write or type.
So for clinicians and medical practitioners who are expected to produce reams of correspondence and other documentation in addition to managing patient care, dictation clearly has huge advantages in terms of produ…

5 ways to get the most out of your clinical coding

30 Nov 2018

Clinical coding is important.
This is not news. It’s certainly no secret. The question that should be being asked now is ‘how can clinical coding be leveraged to maximise the efficiency of a hospital or health service?’ The links between accurate coding and revenue are obv…

‘Unnecessary risk’: GPs dumped in Medicare muddle

15 Nov 2018

The study referenced in the Australian Doctor article and published in BMJ Open 2018 was led by Synapse CEO Margaret Faux.

GPs are being exposed to the “unnecessary risk” of falling foul of Medicare rules because so few organisations are willing to provide guidance on ho…

Telemedicine in the evolving healthcare landscape

12 Nov 2018

Synapse co-hosts 3rd Advance Health plenary session.

Last month we along with our UAE partners OPEN Health, Connect Communications, and Dubai Science Park hosted our 3rd Advance Health plenary session and networking event. The theme this time was “Telemedicine in the evol…

Law trumps Medicare advice on bulk-bill vouchers

8 Nov 2018

You’re likely guilty of this, so beware: the law trumps Medicare advice on bulk-bill vouchers
Having patients sign the vouchers – and then filing them in a place other than the bin – is more important than you might think.
Make one false move with Medicare and you’ll end up i…

Healthcare’s out-of-pocket crisis

1 Nov 2018

Jennifer Dogget, Editor for Croakey, is writing a series of health columns for Inside Story. In this article she weighs in on out of pocket expenses with quotes from Synapse CEO Margaret Faux:
Fast-rising medical expenses are restricting access to healthcare and increasing long-…

Why aren’t medical fees made publicly available?

26 Oct 2018


Want to know more? Read this article from our blog for more information….

IABCA Awards Evening

16 Oct 2018

IABCA Awards Evening – Brisbane City Hall 12th October 2018
On Friday evening Synapse Medical Services were honoured to be in attendance at Brisbane City Hall as finalists for the fifth annual India Australia Business and Community Awards Gala evening.

Synapse were honoured…

HealthMinds Memorandum of Understanding

12 Oct 2018

Training Organisation – First MOU!
We’ve recently brought news of our officially launched registered training academy, AIMAC, and hot on the heels of the launch we are delighted to annouce the first Memorandum of Understanding involving the academy as we look to make first-c…

Key partners visit Chennai office

11 Oct 2018

Synapse partners visit our Chennai office as part of AIMAC launch
In the lead up to our official launch of our registered training organisation,  AIMAC, we invited several of our key partners to come and tour our Chennai office. We were delighted that representatives from Advan…

AIMAC Launched!

9 Oct 2018

Synapse launches a registered training organisation in Chennai.

On Wednesday 3 October, guests attended the launch of the Australian Institute of Medical Administration and Compliance (AIMAC) – a new Registered Training Organisation for Australian company Synapse Medical Ser…

Education and Development in Healthcare

3 Oct 2018

Education and Development in Healthcare
Anyone working in healthcare will notice the unique style of employment and services needed in such a specific industry. Unlike administration in any other sector, it’s important to note that education is the key to working in or running…

ISO 9001: 2015 – We did it again!

27 Sep 2018

ISO 9001: 2015
In order to improve it’s important that you have a good understanding of what you’re currently doing and where your strengths and weaknesses are. At Synapse Medical Services we are constantly evaluating how we stack up against our competition and what we actua…

Synapse Medical Services Raises Focus on Rare Diseases During Expert Panel

21 Sep 2018

In addition to our expansion efforts into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia we have maintained a presence in the United Arab Emirates for two years now. A couple of months ago we announced our partnership with OPEN Health, Connect Communications, and Dubai Science Park to launch the …

Synapse Connect September 2018 Bulletin

4 Sep 2018

Hello Network,

I hope you stayed warm through the southern hemisphere winter or survived the sweltering heat up north. As ever it’s been a hectic and exciting couple of months for us at Synapse towers. We’ve been globetrotting and experiencing both weather extremes.

In …

Digital Technology and the Future of Medical Finance Workshop

22 Aug 2018

We’re hosting a free breakfast on 31 August at our offices where we will be showcasing and demonstrating our latest medical billing service.

Each attendee will have the opportunity to use the service first hand and experience the new medical billing app that is set to disrupt …

BUPA medical billing changes effective 1 August 2018

2 Aug 2018

You have likely heard that BUPA made some changes to their Medical Providers Gap Schemes, which came into effect on the 1st August. We would like to take this opportunity to give you our quick guide as to how this might impact your billing.

Billing private patien…

Synapse hopes to restore trust between patients, providers and payers

25 Jul 2018

Pulse+IT article – Synapps MBS launch
Written by Kate McDonald
First published by Pulse+IT on 9/7/2018

Sydney medical billing, clinical coding and medical transcription specialist Synapse has launched a new rules engine-based app called Synapps MBS, aimed at ensuring Medic…