A Medicare ECLIPSE integrated app-based
complete medical billing system

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With Australia’s ONLY comprehensive medical billing rules engine



  • Instant processing
  • live dashboard updates
  • every billing type
  • electronic overseas visitor claims
  • in-app referrals
  • share patients with locums
  • in-app bulk billing


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Synapps MBS Billing

*We'll match any lower priced identical product.
DIY PackagesServiced Packages
SaverStandardPremiumPercentage (3%-5%) *Price PromiseEnterprise
Monthly cost$39$69$99$199$249% of receipted billingsContact us
Number of providers111111Unlimited
Number of provider numbers1Unlimited2UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Number of claims per month20Unlimited50100UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Number of picture conversions0N/A2050100UnlimitedUnlimited
Can I charge a gap?NoYesYesYesYesYes
Can I bill workers comp, third party and patient claims?NoYesYesYesYesYes
Can I take *credit card payments and lodge patient claims to Medicare?NoYesNoNoNoYes
Can I bulk bill to Medicare and Veterans?YesYesYesYesYesYes
Can I bill no-gap inpatients?YesN/AYesYesYesYes
Who adds a provider number or changes bank details?YouYouYouYouYouUs
Who follows up unpaid claims?You
(or S2S)
(or S2S)
(or S2S)
(or S2S)
(or S2S)
Who follows up registration with health funds?YouN/AYouYouYouUs
Who runs my reports?YouYouYouYouYouUs
VIP Account ManagerNoNoNoNoNoYesNo
  • All prices are ex GST.
  • Bank fees not included.*
  • If you have received a lower priced identical service offering, in writing, from any of our competitors, we’ll match it.


The hard facts

  • Free iPhone and Android apps
  • Free sign up
  • Free Medicare and health fund registrations
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  • Auto filled, digitally signed, instantly generated health fund registration forms included with all paid packages
  • Australia’s only medical billing rules engine supporting your compliance
  • DIY packages include 1 login per provider
  • No more paper. Even workers comp claims go with one click to the payers
  • You can watch your claims pass through to paid and receipted status via live updates on the app
  • DIY packages – run your financial reports anytime. No waiting until the end of the month. Handles both cash and accruals accounting
  • Secure SSL encryption. Privacy and security is central to everything we do
  • Live chat support from 10:00am to midnight AEST business days, plus regular updates on new features via videos, emails and random calls from our amazing Synapse support team checking on how you’re going
  • Service on-demand for DIY packages. You can use as much or as little as you want with the ‘Send to Synapse’ (S2S) function. You can sort out easy rejections yourself to save money, and just send the hard ones to us, or both. Whatever you want, whenever you want it. S2S is charged separately at $5 flag fall per claim* plus 20% of collections, capped at $80 per claim
  • Decreased risk of third parties changing your billing incorrectly without your knowledge and you being held responsible – because there is a single entry point for claims – the app. You can allow an authorised person to make changes but you will be notified when they do and can even block changes if you want to. You have complete control and visibility over your billing
  • For packages that exclude following up health fund registrations, and changing bank or provider number details, we are always happy to do this for you for a one off additional cost. Contact us.
  • A claim is one patient, one date of service and unlimited item numbers on one invoice
  • Picture conversions are calculated monthly based on your sign up date, and replenish at the beginning of your next billing period
  • All packages exclude postage, which is charged separately
  • The billing service is very user friendly, accurate and reliable.

    “The technological aspect of the service has evolved significantly to enhance the efficiency of the billing process. I've been a client for 11 years and the billing service has been instrumental in the development of my practice.”

    Dr Simon Li