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Does Medicare Need Modernising?

27 Jan 2016

Medicare is one of those things that’s distinctly Australian but does it need to adapt to the times? Margaret Faux is a lawyer, registered nurse and founder of Synapse Medical Services.

Her PhD is entitled “Claiming and compliance under the Medicare Benefits Schedule: A critic…

Sussan Ley under fire over pathology comments

18 Jan 2016

Health Minister Sussan Ley’s office has come under fire for her recent comments, saying patients should be “suspicious” of pathologists’ estimates of how much they would have to pay for pap smears and blood tests to recover planned federal cuts. Our very own Margaret Faux dispute…

Pap smears and political amnesia

18 Jan 2016

The pap smear debacle exposes an amnesia at the heart of government, where reforms are born in a vacuum and informed debate takes a back seat, writes Margaret Faux.

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