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Criminalising split medical bills? We are in la la land!

18 Aug 2021

The latest article for Croakey Health Media by our CEO, Margaret Faux, discussing the Private Healthcare Australia proposal to criminalise surprise split medical bills. Arguing this is an ill-conceived, non-evidence-based overreach, that does not fit within the proper role of…

Fatal wound for Medicare? New fees for dressings “herald the end of bulk-billing”

28 Jan 2021

In this comprehensive article below, solicitor and Medicare scholar Margaret Faux and health informatician and clinical coder Heather Grain warn that the MBS Review Taskforce proposal for GPs to be able to charge co-payments for dressings will have big ramifications, heralding …

Setting the record straight: separate billing doth not a scandal make

13 Sep 2018

Seventh in series – Articles on out of pocket medical expenses.

The latest article in Croakey’s #OutOfPocket series addresses a poorly-understood aspect of medical billing for privately insured patients who have been in hospital.

Margaret Faux explains why receiving two…

As new study highlights financial burden on cancer patients, some ways forward on excessive healthcare costs?

12 Jun 2018

Sixth in series – Articles on out of pocket medical expenses.

A researcher (Associate Professor Louisa Gordon – lead author) who has investigated out of pocket medical costs for cancer patients has recently called for policy reform around public subsidy of the private heal…

Lifting the lid on a media ‘scandal’ about doctors’ fees

23 May 2018

Fifth in series – Articles on out of pocket medical expenses.

Earlier this year, News Corp newspapers and its online sites splashed a story with the headline: The secret fee list your doctor doesn’t want you to see‘ (paywall).

In her latest contribution to Croakey’s…

Shining some light on bulk billing and #OutOfPocket costs

25 Mar 2018

Fourth in series – Articles on out of pocket medical expenses.

The legalities and practicalities behind bulk billing generally are not well understood, but in her latest contribution to Croakey’s ongoing #OutOfPocket series, Margaret Faux, aims to throw some illuminating l…

It’s enough to make you swear: the complexities of medical billing and out of pocket costs

27 Feb 2018

Third in series – Articles on out of pocket medical expenses.

It is quite possible that reading this article about the complexities of medical fees will furrow your brow and possibly even give you a headache. The issues it canvasses left at least one hospital executive sighi…

‘No-gap’ does not guarantee there will be no gap

22 Feb 2018

Second in series – Articles on out of pocket medical expenses

In her previous post in Croakey’s #OutOfPocket series, Margaret Faux acquainted us with Section 51 (xxiiiA) of the Australian Constitution, which enshrines doctors’ right to set their own fees, regardless of gov…

Out of pocket costs: a critical health issue to watch in 2018 – but first, some history

21 Feb 2018

First in series – Articles on out of pocket medical expenses.

Out of pocket healthcare costs are set to be one of the health politics/policy issues for 2018. In this recent Croakey post author Margaret Faux provides some history on the topic along with an outline of the issu…