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1 February 2010 fee changes and service updates

30 Jan 2010

We’ve been listening to your feedback about the website and are working to make it even more user friendly.
First up, we are preparing a help menu and including sections in the Frequently Asked Questions menu on ‘billing’, ‘transcriptions’ and ‘the website’. This w…

Newsletter – January, 2010

4 Jan 2010

We’re hoping that the move over to Synapse from Pulse has been as smooth as possible for you. The only changes you should notice are positive ones. For a start, we are adding new services, one of which is typing, and you can read more about that in a moment.

Another is this …

Welcome to Synapse

1 Jan 2010

Welcome to the Synapse public blog, (which is an edited version of the members only blog) offering an informal forum to ask questions about issues related to medical billing and other medical administrative services, as well as to share some information about Synapse Medical Serv…

Expansion of services … 24-hour typing services!

1 Jan 2010

A recent expansion of our services means that doctors will soon be able to outsource more of the administrative processes which burden their practice, such as medical typing.

In early 2010, Synapse will introduce a 24-hour medical typing service. You dictate, we type….