Welcome to Synapse


Welcome to the Synapse public blog, (which is an edited version of the members only blog) offering an informal forum to ask questions about issues related to medical billing and other medical administrative services, as well as to share some information about Synapse Medical Services.

I thought I’d start the ball rolling by looking at Synapse’s billing cycle.

Our billing cycle takes five business days and ensures accuracy and strict quality assurance, which minimises rejected claims. Why are claims rejected by the private health insurers, veterans or Medicare? Usually because of some irritating tiny detail like an out of date referring medical practitioner’s provider number or when the health funds and Medicare have different spellings of the patients name or even when the fund misplaced the doctors registration form – oops! It’s enough to do your head in!

If you send your billings to us daily or weekly, your bank account will grow daily or weekly, but some Australian doctors like to send their billings once a month or even every 3 months, which is great for a sudden injection of funds.

Remember for those who have signed up you can track each batch of your billings in your login area of the Synapse website. 

More next time on other services that let you run your medical practice from a laptop, a ward computer, your mobile phone or even on an aircraft …no kidding!

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