We’ve got the numbers


Synapse has a new phone and fax number. Our new numbers are already operating but to make sure no-one is caught out, our old numbers will remain active until the end of the year.

The main reason for the switch to our 1300 numbers is that they are cheaper for you. Charged at local call costs, this means that anyone calling from outside NSW pays no interstate charges.

The rate for faxing on our new numbers is significantly reduced. This affects all faxing – the ones you send to us and the ones we send out on your behalf. By only using the new fax number, you’ll save us from having to pass on any price hikes that our current provider has introduced.

So, when you have a moment, please change our numbers in your phone book or automatic dial-up. Here they are:

Tel: 1300 510 114
Fax: 1300 510 224

You will also see these new numbers when you log-in to the Synapse
website – and we’ll send out further reminders throughout the year because we don’t want anyone to be left behind.

Kind regards
Margaret Faux
Synapse Medical Services

T: 1300 510 114
F: 1300 510 224

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