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Synfilla – Medical Form Filling Made Simple

A doctor works on a laptop with a clipboard and stethoscope nearbyOne of the biggest challenges in medical administration and transcribing is undoubtedly the mountains of paperwork that come with the job. In terms of accuracy and time-commitment, filling in forms wastes a lot of mental energy. In the time it takes to complete Medicare and Health Fund registration forms, you could be working on countless other vital tasks.

Outsourcing these medical administration tasks would allow you to focus on patient care, not paperwork, but choosing the right provider is essential. A medical form filling service should be more than convenient and affordable – it needs to provide a level of accuracy and confidence that streamlines the entire administrative process.

The Synfilla service from Synapse Medical brings together a trusted team of medical administration providers to supply a solution for your needs.

What Is Synfilla?

The Synfilla service comes to you from a team that already handles billing, coding, transcription, appointments, and more for medical teams around Australia and the world.

The service takes advantage of our advanced software to complete your Medicare, Health Fund and other forms, including TAC, in Victoria. You simply provide the core details and we turn it into a completed form and forward it to your inbox.

As well as populating the form for you, Synfilla will tell you where to send it next, identifying the relevant payer. Said simply, this service streamlines yet another administrative task so you can focus on what matters.

Advantages and Protections with Synfilla

Synfilla is not just a passive piece of software that completes your forms. It is backed by an expert team and comes with a range of advantages and protections that solve the common problems of medical administration and form filling.

Synfilla makes life easier for practitioners by:

  • checking your ABN to avoid rejected or delayed applications
  • removing hours of searching, cross-checking and data entry
  • avoiding complications with manual handwriting or mistyping
  • ensuring documents are clear and nothing is crooked, faint or cut off
  • eliminating the months of waiting and poor communication that often come with rejected claims

Save Time and Money

Time and money are at the centre of form filling complications as well as every other mishandled administrative task. We don’t need to tell you that simple, avoidable errors are often the cause of the problem or that hours can be wasted even when the process goes smoothly.

Synfilla will save you time and money by:

  • reducing days of work into just 15 minutes (the amount of time it takes to use the service)
  • avoiding the time-consuming complications mentioned above
  • offering an affordable service, with discounts for returning users

Further Reading and Resources

 Need to know a little bit more before making your decision? To save you time, we’ve made your research easy.

To find out about the Synfilla service, prices and user journey, click here.

To learn more about the team behind Synfilla, click here. Synapse Medical is Australia’s original provider of medical billing, transcription and administrative services, and we’re backed by ISO 9001 registration for quality management.

To talk to our team about Synfilla, call 1300 510 114 or contact us online at any time.

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