Healthcare Disrupted


Healthcare systems have been creaking under the strain of outdated models for some time now, with ageing populations, staff shortages and curative as opposed to preventative models of care. In this article, we’ll explore the changes to these systems, technologies and how we are moving from volume to value.

New Technology

We live in an age where technology gives us the opportunity to thrive, innovate and push boundaries. The same applies to the medical field. New technology allows systems to run more effectively and efficiently. Accepting these new technologies have meant that over time, systems have changed. This is the age for lean innovation and new solutions, the like of which Synapse Medical Services will be offering in 2018.


The system of communication in health care is one system that has strongly changed since the advancements of technology, and for good reason too.

New technologies have improved communication, by facilitating communication not only between different clinics and doctors, but also between doctors and patients, often regardless of location.

Doctors now have the opportunity to video-connect with their patients and other medical professionals, making the spread of knowledge faster and more efficient. Patient data and medical billing can now also be available at the swipe of an app or the push of a send button!


The patient journey is never a simple one. Medical care is complex and subject to huge diversity from case to case. Technological advancements have made the sharing of files and medical records faster and more efficient, over all making the whole record keeping process cleaner and better, allowing for specialists to have more time treating the patient as opposed to form filling.

Before technology swept the medical world off its feet, medical files were all kept separate. Now-a-days, through technological advancements, patient histories can be uploaded and stored in a secure online location or a HIS system. Synapse Medical Services has disruptive project launches coming soon that can improve this process even further, for all elements of the healthcare system.


Going online meant that medical billing could run smoother for medical practices, clinics and hospitals. The development of apps, innovation and connecting the world from any location has meant that medical billing is being changed, for the better, forever.

Synapse Medical Services has a medical billing solution ready for market that will simplify the whole process, giving instant results, quicker payments and allowing our overworked medical professionals full transparency over their patient claiming. Healthcare systems need to look at new ways to improve the pipeline of care, both delivery and financial.

Predictive Models

Having the information stored efficiently, and having technology that can analyse it, means that the healthcare industry can invest in predictive (and preventive) models of health. This is starting to happen and we need much more!

These models operate by analysing past data and making predictions on the likely future if nothing changes. This can be applied to obesity, diabetes and other such preventable health issues, allowing governments, hospitals and private insurers to all get their houses in order. A better solution for all as health systems the world over look to drive costs down by implementing more preventative approaches.

Robotic Assistance

One very significant disruption in the healthcare industry was the emergence of robotic surgical assistance.

Some robotic surgeries operate long-distance, with the surgeon sitting at a “home-base” while the patient has the surgery performed on them in another hospital or clinic, meaning that they won’t have to travel long distances or worry about how their health would be affected by travel. Telehealth will continue to increase in importance and popularity, especially for the most remote areas.


These new technologies have both disrupted and changed how the systems of health care run, but this is for the best. Accepting and adapting technology to suit its needs creates a more effective health care system, which is more successful in meeting the needs of its patients. Watch this space for the next disruptive solutions from Synapse Medical Services with regards to healthcare administration (billing, coding, transcription and education) and keeping our systems robust for the needs of the patient, doctor and governing bodies.

Volume to Value

Healthcare systems need to evaluate where wastage can be reduced and look for value added solutions that make the healthcare dollar go further.

All health systems are products of their social, cultural, political and economic circumstances but all have shared aims. New disruptive technology and innovative fresh ideas will form the core of this in the coming years, although much work is still to be done in defining value.

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