Large Public Hospital – Saving time and money


Synapse can undertake one-time projects when healthcare providers are struggling with a set performance issue or a time sensitive target.

We aim to understand our clients and become a trusted partner, even if a solo project is required. This is possible due to our flexibility in terms of technology and resource.

As an engaged consultant we work with you and set clear targets against realistic timeframes to streamline the operational inefficiencies you may be experiencing.

An example of this is a large public hospital who engaged Synapse to assist with a $1,000,000 backlog of rejected medical claims.

Our knowledge and analysis reduced the debt by 25% on day one when our expert team identified and removed erroneous claims.

The project was expected to last 2 months but was completed in 5 weeks with 65% of long standing claims being successfully paid.

This performance led to a partnership with the in-house department that has turned into a long-standing contract, all arising from this initial project.

Image credit: Natanael Melchor – Unsplash

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