Education and Development in Healthcare


Education and Development in Healthcare

Anyone working in healthcare will notice the unique style of employment and services needed in such a specific industry. Unlike administration in any other sector, it’s important to note that education is the key to working in or running a healthcare business. Education and development in healthcare are changing with general expectations on those working in medical administration becoming more advanced. At AIMAC, we believe education is essential for building the foundations of a successful medical career, whether it be a student looking to learn or a medical professional wanting to add further knowledge.

Our registered training organisation will provide the following

All the Facts on How Medicare Works

Medicare is a minefield and should be crossed carefully and armed with knowledge. Whether you’re a doctor or working in medical administration, knowing the laws, facts, figures and evidence on Medicare will give you the knowledge you need to be confident about Australian medical billing.

Remote Access 

No matter where you are, you have a right to know all the essentials when it comes to medical practices. Remote access to healthcare education is crucial in furthering the skills and knowledge you need, no matter where you are around the globe. This is why our registered academy will be offering online courses to suit your busy lifestyle and to make you learn at a pace you’re comfortable with.

Well-Priced, or Free, Education for Medical Students and Interns

There are too many instances where medical professionals finish their degree unaware of many of the aspects that come with medical billing, laws on provider numbers and more. That’s why we provide a ‘free essentials’ pack for all medical students and interns upon confirmation of their AHPRA registration status and a few other details. The essentials pack includes everything you need to be properly equipped to bill correctly using Medicare from your first day on the job. For more information click here.


When it comes to working in the healthcare industry, being able to do your job well isn’t enough. No matter what your role is within the industry, it’s important to have a good understanding of confidentiality, privacy and security in a medical environment. 

Knowing the Language as it Changes 

Medical coding, maintaining patient records, Medicare laws and the ways in which preparing and processing medical accounts change from time to time. It’s important in healthcare education to stay on top of any changes and to have thorough knowledge of the current practices. This way, you can make a smooth and quick transition to any new systems as they arise.

We’re Passionate about Development in Healthcare

At AIMAC, our courses are for healthcare soldiers to develop and run facilities. We aim to build better careers and foundations in solid healthcare systems.

We are committed to spirited learning, growth, development and fun while adhering to strict global compliance standards.

We understand the importance of career fluidity and the constraints of modern life. That’s why we have worked hard to bring this disruptive, accredited pathway to healthcare education.

With us, you can enroll in the courses that spark your interest, fit your budget and propel your career.

Please look at all the courses we have to offer and check out our introductory videos via the link below. Welcome to your future!

If you’d like to learn how AIMAC and Synapse Medical could help you develop the education you need for your medical practice, call us on 1300 173 870 or contact us online.

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