Synapse and Alliance Care Technologies partner to offer automated clinical coding software internationally


Synapse Medical Services, the Australian company with an AI driven automated coding system that can code up to 10 episodes per second, and Alliance Care Technologies, an American company with unique technologies that are tailored to assist physicians across the entire continuum of care, are delighted to announce a reseller partnership to offer the platform to both networks and in the various jurisdictions that they cover.

Synapse CEO, Margaret Faux, said it was so exciting to finally enter into an agreement with ACT after building a strong relationship over the last few years with their Dubai office and sharing a vision around using cutting edge technology to support the highest quality of clinical care.

By partnering with Alliance Care Technologies, Aircoder can be nicely plugged into their already impressive array of clinical and business solutions to offer more depth to their practice management offering. Faux said that the partnership made sense to “support the existing solutions offered by ACT with a complimentary platform whilst reaching a larger network due to the countries that both companies operate in”.

Alliance Care Technologies aim to improve the delivery of value-based healthcare through algorithm-based smart tools, having built an allied team of independent tools and aggregated them to optimize care. This made the partnership a very logical step for both sides.

ACT CEO, Michele Tarnow, said “We are delighted to partner with Synapse to offer their automated coding solution to our network and build a long-term partnership. The AI solution fits perfectly with our existing suite of services as we already deploy our AI based tools to look at improving assessment, clinical quality and efficiencies with our international healthcare partners. Improving collection of clinical data and effectively using the results arising from that will be a key driver for all going forward. This partnership is an exciting next step”.

Ms Faux, Synapse CEO, added “We have known Michele for a while now and feel that ACT’s core values align with our own. We both have a Dubai based office in Dubai Science Park and look forward to working closely from this hub to develop an international plan. Both companies are passionate about innovative products that can fuel positive results and reduce healthcare wastage, both from a resource and financial perspective. Aircoder does this and we welcome the chance to make this agreement public”.

COVID has presented many new challenges for healthcare systems the world over with technology becoming more important than ever. Aircoder was launched in December 2019 after years of internal development and built to assist with the shortage of clinical coders the world over. This agreement will allow the platform to be used to support clients in the Middle East, America and Australia as it can be trained to code any code set in the world.

Through this partnership both sides will be providing all of the necessary technology, administrative support, and an automated coding service to ensure that more international healthcare facilities have the option to perfect the recording of their clinical data and associated payments.


Both companies have an office in Dubai Science Park.


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