Medical Republic article – Get SMART, or get pinged


In the November 30 issue of  The Medical Republic’s Money & Medicine newsletter, Dr Margaret Faux and Heather Grain discuss the PSR’s latest expectation  – that Doctors adopt the SMART goals in context to management plans for chronic disease.


“The inability of doctors to know what is right or wrong in relation to Medicare compliance is fast reaching a tipping point, and there is a pressing need to harmonise our critical health datasets, including the MBS, with international standards.”

Read the full article, Get SMART or get pinged by Dr Margaret Faux and Heather Grain, from The Medical Republic website.

About the Authors:
Dr Margaret Faux is a health system administrator, lawyer and registered nurse with a PhD in Medicare compliance.
Heather Grain is the convenor of the international ISO TC215 health informatics semantic content working group, a former chair of the SNOMED international education working group and a co-chair of HL7 International’s vocabulary committee.



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