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Dear Synapse Network,

Welcome to our belated first newsletter for 2022, and boy is there a lot to update!

If there is one positive that’s come out of the ongoing Covid pandemic for us, it is that it has allowed us a period of consolidation and internal development, including improving our customer service. We are proud to report that we are now receiving more 5-star Google reviews than ever before, and would like to give a big shout out to the customer service team for their great work supporting our wonderful clients.

We’ve also been building our programming capacity, and have some wonderful and extremely talented new recruits in the IT team, which will enable us to push forward with plans to develop and improve our revolutionary billing and coding platforms. And in March we held our management summit across two international sites, which consolidated our business strategy for the next 24 months.

Post-doctoral life has led to increased consultancy projects for Synapse, and we will be updating the website to reflect that we are now a digital health, MedTech and consulting company very soon.

We were also successfully ISO certified again, have been busy running webinars and presenting on the topic of digital health and health regulation on the global stage, and our MBS billing platform is becoming the solution of choice for companies big and small as they integrate with us to achieve unparalleled billing performance for both medical billing and hospital accommodation billing, the latter with integrated auto-coding.

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Medicare PhD

My doctorate on Medicare claiming and compliance has led to many interesting conversations and opportunities. It is a great honour to be the first person to have tackled this complex topic, and I am now enjoying sharing what I have learnt with anyone willing to listen.

One of the forums where I have been lucky enough to be able to regularly share what I have learnt is my fortnightly column for TMR’s Money and Medicine magazine. There have also been radio and TV appearances, including on ABC’s The Drum and 60 Minutes, an opinion piece in The Guardian plus two additional Guardian pieces where my work was focussed. And a featured article by the inimitable Adele Ferguson, highlighting my work in the Australian Financial Review, was a recent highlight.

Journalists play an important role in helping us communicate the pressing need for the government to stop tinkering and fix the health system properly. Our 40-year-old Medicare system is creaking in its bones and needs major repair works down in the engine room to fix broken regulations. So, let’s see if the new government is paying attention and has the political will to turn our rusty old Medicare tanker around.

For the Medicare enthusiasts out there, you can download a copy of my thesis from the UTS Library via this link – OPUS at UTS: Claiming and Compliance under the Medicare Benefits Schedule: A Critical Examination of Medical Practitioner Experiences, Perceptions, Attitudes and Knowledge – Open Publications of UTS Scholars.

Corporate Clients and Projects

As mentioned, we will soon be updating our website to reflect our many new corporate offerings, which range from one-off projects clearing million-dollar backlogs of rejected/part-paid claims, to integrating our software products with corporations big and small. Some of the exciting projects we have worked on so far this year have included:

  1. Integrating with ASX listed company IMEXHS, who chose our MBS billing solution for their Aquila combined RIS/PACS product.
  2. A large psychology practice has chosen the Synapse MBS for all their daily Medicare billing administration, at a very low cost.
  3. Delivering two major arrears projects for two separate large specialist groups who had $600K and $800K of arrears respectively sitting on their systems. We cleared everything for both companies in a matter of weeks, with the majority of claims paid.

We have many more integrations, exciting partnerships, and projects in the works, with announcements coming very soon, so watch this space.

We can tailor bespoke integrations and projects to address your business pain points, so, please get in touch here if there is something we can help you with.

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Webinar Series and Marketing

We also ran the second Synapse webinar on 30th March, as part of our planned series of FREE webinars teaching legally correct billing practices – the first of their kind in Australia. This will be continuing throughout 2022 so please let us know any topics you’d like us to cover.

The next webinar, on referrals, will be taking place this coming Wednesday 27th July. We will be sending the registration link tomorrow, and it’s not too late to register, so please join us.

Continuing along the marketing theme, we’ve also made some website improvements and added more detail about our four key services. You can download our fresh off the press marketing documents direct from the site and we think you’ll like what you see!

And don’t forget to lodge medical billing questions and get legally correct answers for FREE at There will be a lot of new answers added to that site over the coming weeks as we work through them.

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Oops we did it again, ISO certified

We are proud to announce the successful completion of our recertification audit for Quality Management and Information Security Management Systems, which resulted in the renewal of our ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013 standards certificates. This critical process means we are your trusted partner in anything healthcare administration and means we have now held these honours for the seventh year in a row.

Management Team in Dubai

We’ve also been enjoying the recommencement of international travel to our other office locations for the first time since Covid began in early 2020.

Our Indian General Manager, Hridesh Kohli, visited our Dubai office in March for a few important meetings and to conduct our management summit with our Business Development Director, Thom Soutter. In real life! This was followed by Dr Margaret Faux visiting our Dubai office for some partner discussions and to be a key speaker at our co-hosted healthcare networking initiative, Advance Health, on data driven health care, which was sponsored by Austrade. You can watch the entire session for free here:

Watch here

We spent valuable time with key partners and clients across the region, resulting in a lot of exciting planning as we continue to use our revolutionary software and consulting services to improve health system literacy and the way health data is used in multiple jurisdictions.

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Have a wonderful second half of 2022 and please stay in touch.

From Margaret and the Synapse team

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