HL7 and openEHR, better together


In the article, HL7 and openEHR are friends, not foes (published by Wild Health 28th September 2022), Professor Heather Grain discusses data systems HL7 and openEHR and the key advantages of using them together for a more coordinated healthcare data delivery system.

“These two approaches are often seen as competitors. But digital health would be safer, more efficient and easier for all if they were used together. ” Professor Heather Grain

Read the full article on the Wild Health website, HL7 and openEHR are friends, not foes by Professor Heather Grain, Coding Manager for Synapse Medical.

About the Author:
Professor Heather Grain is Coding Manager and health informatician at Synapse Medical. She is also the international director at Global eHealth Collaborative and director of course development – digital health at eHealth Education.

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