Medical Republic article – Medicare belongs to the Australian people


In the 11th October 2022 article for the Medical Republic, Dr. Margaret Faux discusses Toby Chambers’ case against Medicare for denying him a Medicare rebate. Chambers lost his case on technical grounds, but this story is a powerful wakeup call that shifting costs to the consumers and then denying them access to a system that they pay for, will eventually end in consumer revolt.

“Without necessary structural reform we would inevitably find ourselves thrashing Medicare out in the High Court.” Dr. Margaret Faux

Read the full article, No rebate? Patients will have their day in court by Dr Margaret Faux, from The Medical Republic website.

About the Author:
Dr Margaret Faux is a health system administrator, lawyer and registered nurse with a PhD in Medicare compliance, and is the CEO of AIMAC, which offers courses and explainers on legally correct Medicare billing.

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