Australian Digital Health Advancements in the Last Decade


Australia boasts one of the strongest and most robust healthcare systems in the world. This is driven by a supportive regulatory environment, a globally renowned universal healthcare model, innovative medical research, and advancements in digital health. In fact, digital technologies have played a large part in achieving positive medical outcomes throughout Australia’s history. A proud history that we at Synapse Medical are looking to become part of with our latest digital innovations.

These innovations began as far back as 1929, when an affordable pedal-powered radio gave people in rural areas greater access to emergency medical services and advice. This innovative invention closed some of the large gap that people in rural communities faced when trying to access large-scale medical services. In many ways, this radio was a predecessor to the digital advancements that were yet to come, and their goal to create a more centralised system, much like our new medical billing app, Synapps MBS.

Here is a look at some more recent digital health innovations that have changed the ways medical professionals and patients access health services – and we need much more!

My Health Record

My Health Record is a national electronic health record that was spearheaded by the Australian Government. Storing an individual’s key health information and any documents they upload, the service has been voluntary since 2016.

My Health Record enhances medical efficiency and safety by giving clinicians vital access to information when they need it. This includes patients’ medical history and the medication they are currently taking. My Health Record can also prevent the need for unnecessary repeat tests, which are driven by poor information sharing between clinicians, organisations and the patient – something we know well from the medical billing world!

As of 2018, My Health Record will move to an opt-out system, meaning every Australian will have an electronic health record unless they choose not to. This will give Australian health professionals and their patients greater access to information and a greater chance of a positive medical outcome.

Secure Messaging of Clinical Information

Many medical professionals still rely on outmoded technologies such as fax machines to share vital information with outside colleagues. In recent years, several companies have developed solutions to not only share this information instantaneously but also securely.

One such example is Victoria’s eReferral Program, which has allowed for the secure, encrypted exchange of information between health professionals. On a larger scale, the Australian Digital Health Agency is currently working towards a national framework for this form of information sharing.

Solutions like this, much like our new revolutionary app, have the potential to reduce overheads, improve co-operation between different fractions of a system and enhance healthcare data, among other things.

National Cancer Screening Register

Another way Australia’s healthcare system is moving towards improved information access is through the development of a National Cancer Screening Register. Combining patient information relating to cervical and bowel cancer screening, this initiative will help GPs in referring patients for cancer screenings, thus improving the earliest steps of cancer diagnosis and treatment.

The National Cancer Screening Register will also provide greater access to information for other health professionals, including pathology experts.

Digital Solutions for Medical Billing, Coding and More

One of the most significant advancements in digital healthcare is the replacement of outmoded patient information models with modern, digital solutions. For example, app or online medical billing systems are faster and more accurate than traditional models, while outsourced clinical coding and billing can remove organisational headaches at a fraction of the cost, thus maximising healthcare spend.

At Synapse, we are leading the way in outsourced medical billing and coding services. We are proud to recently have brought the world’s first, app-based, online medical billing system, with on-demand support, straight through processing and a powerful rules engine. It’s a fraction of the price of medical billing services, unbelievably fast and much more accurate. For more information about our high-tech medical administration solutions, call 1300 510 114 or contact us online.


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