Australia’s Only Medical Billing Rules Engine


Australia’s Only Medical Billing Rules Engine

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Medical billing and clinical coding are some of the most complicated, frustrating, time-consuming tasks in the Australian health system. With a range of different funding sources and labyrinthine rules for different practitioners and patients, this is no surprise to anyone working in the industry.

The Australian health system encompasses private and public funding, with Federal and State services available. The processes involved can vary from doctors to psychologists, exercise physiologists to aboriginal health workers, as well as different patients such as veterans, overseas students and low-income earners.

While none of this is new information, it is truly astounding that there aren’t more efforts to better navigate the many written and unwritten rules of the system.

Synapse Medical aims to change all of this with our Synapse App and services, offering the only medical billing rules engine in the country.

What Is a Medical Billing Rules Engine and How Can it Help?

Rejected claims, incorrect payments and medical billing compliance can often be a mystery. If you don’t understand the intricacies of the system, how can you avoid mistakes and prevent repeat problems?

A medical billing rules engine achieves this by finding the answers for you.

Our rules engine is the result of decades of experience, research and insights. We have taken the knowledge we’ve learnt from providing medical billing and coding services and turned it into rules and actions that can help you.

Integrated into our medical billing app, Synapps, our rules engine can interpret data and help you to bill correctly. The rules engine also ensures no details are missing, meaning fewer rejections and a higher chance of being paid on time.

How Comprehensive Is the Synapps Rules Engine?

No other medical rules engine exists in Australia, so we ensure ours is as comprehensive as possible. In the latest version of Synapps, we added 616 new rules, bringing the total to 8,480 medical billing rules. That’s more than 8000 different ways that our app prevents errors, reduces working hours and streamlines medical billing.

With a constantly updated app and an invaluable pool of knowledge, our rules system and the ways it helps you will only get more comprehensive. We estimate that Synapps could be home to one million rules or more, each of which simplifies your obligations and improves your medical billing processes and compliance.

We will continue to substantially expand our rules engine to meet the needs of practitioners all around Australia.

Is Synapse Medical an App-Only Service?

Synapps gives all Synapse Medical clients the opportunity to benefit from our comprehensive knowledge while retaining their own staff. However, we also offer a trained and talented team if you wish to outsource medical billing, clinical coding and other services entirely.

Our medical administration team includes:

Whether it’s app-only or a range of outsourced services, the Synapse Medical team benefit from the extensive knowledge that goes into our rules engine.

To learn how Synapse Medical can help you be more efficient with your medical practice, call 1300 510 114 or visit our contact page.

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