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In this article, we will explore Arab Health, a conference which first took place in Dubai in 1975 and somewhere that Synapse Medical Services is proud to have exhibited at in 2017 and 2018.

What is it?
Arab Health is a conference which hosts the largest collection of healthcare and trade professionals from the MENA region, which encompasses the Middle East and North Africa. This year, it was held from 29 January – 1 February 2018.

Why Do People Visit?
This is a conference where the world of healthcare, whether it be clinical, supplier or pharmaceutical, come to do business and see the latest movements in their respective market.

The Arab Health conference offers a fantastic opportunity for people to learn, through workshops, talks and training sessions. There is also vast opportunity to learn from all the companies who are exhibiting and delegates who pass daily into the thousands. Arab Health represents a week full of interesting medical conversation.

Discover and Update
We live in a technological age, and so technology is always advancing. This is especially prominent in the medical field, where every year, changes occur. The Arab Health conference gives people who work in the medical field an opportunity to discover what else is going on in the world around them, as well as discovering which updates are available technologically.

It provides professionals with an opportunity to network and learn more about other healthcare and trade professionals. As businesses and professionals from over 68 countries in the world turn to the Arab Health conference on a yearly basis, this also allows visitors to expand their understanding of the world, whilst networking and potentially meeting new business partners. For Synapse it provides valuable time to see our trusted Middle Eastern network.

Complimentary Conferences
Alongside the 2018 Arab Health exhibition are leadership, business and Continuing Medical Education (CME) conferences, all of which provide valuable insight into the latest modern procedures, medical techniques and business and leadership skills. This also offers a fantastic incentive for people to attend the conference.

Each year at the Arab Health conference brings with it different features. Some of the features which were curated for 2018 are listed below:

Personal Healthcare Technology
This feature demonstrated the interactions between personal health and cutting edge technology. Personal Healthcare Technology provides smart watches, mobile device accessories, and even smart toothbrushes that can all help the healthcare industry monitor their client’s personal health.

Hands-On- Training
This feature gives high-level participants an opportunity to train with some of the latest and cutting edge technological advancements in the medical industry.

MEDLAB runs the week after the Arab Health conference, and it provides visitors with the opportunity to attend the largest laboratory show in the world. Delegates receive access to the latest laboratory management and diagnostics technologies, whilst also hearing speakers discuss brand-new technological discoveries.

Synapse Medical
Synapse Medical participated successfully in the Arab Health again in 2018. We used this opportunity to showcase a number of our newly enhanced products, specifically those which centre on global clinical coding and health administration education. Watch
this space! We hope to see more of our associated network at the event in 2019.

Contact Us
If you would like to learn how Synapse Medical is progressing in the UAE and Saudi Arabia, with cutting edge healthcare administration solutions, please contact us on 1300 510 114 or visit to visit our contact page. We’d be very happy to discuss.

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