Icon Cancer Centre medical billing system roll out



After a very successful 8 month trial using our amazing end to end, app based, medical billing system, we are thrilled to announce Icon Cancer Centre is rolling it out across its entire network. The results spoke for themselves – rejected claims reduced to almost zero, bill lag reduced from months to days and labor costs reduced by 90%. The end of manual medical billing processes with tick sheets and pockets full of stickers is finally here. The doctors who participated in the trial said “I am never going back!”

Dr Irving said the rules engine was invaluable in helping Icon stay on track with regards to Medicare billing compliance. “The doctors who participated in the trial, had their claims paid within days, which was a dramatic improvement compared with the previous manual process,” he said.

Ms Faux said there are a number of public and private hospitals currently trialling the system.

Thank you to the entire Icon team who were a pleasure to work with always. We have other public and private hospitals currently trialing the system as well and hope to have more announcements to make soon as others join the medical billing revolution. A proud day for team Synapse!


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