Medical Republic article – We’re all doing it, so it must be legal … right?


In the March 15th, 2022 issue of The Medical Republic’s Money & Medicine newsletter, Dr Margaret Faux discusses the illegality of bulk-billing and charging a gap and the ignorance around the correct use of Medicare bulk-billing system.

“We know that Medicare billing is profoundly complex, and it is not always easy to know what is right or wrong. But if we want to repair and responsibly modernise Medicare, we will need to address the realities of widespread non-compliant bulk-billing, because bulk-billing is the linchpin that keeps Medicare afloat. ” Dr. Margaret Faux

Read the full article, We’re all doing it, so it must be legal … right? by Dr Margaret Faux, from The Medical Republic website.

About the Author:
Dr Margaret Faux is a health system administrator, lawyer and registered nurse with a PhD in Medicare compliance, and is the CEO of AIMAC, which offers courses and explainers on legally correct Medicare billing.

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