Medical Republic article – Unpacking the Government’s Medicare ‘fair fee’ definition


In the March 29th, 2022 issue of The Medical Republic’s Money & Medicine newsletter, Dr Margaret Faux discusses the Government’s Medicare ‘fair fee’ definition and discovers it’s neither of those things.

“Medical fee and rebate setting is a complex business, and everyone wants solutions to consumer OOPs. But complex problems always require multi-pronged, evidence-based solutions, and it therefore gives me no joy to agree with the statement in the Grattan report that “The government should not increase Medicare rebates to reduce out-of-pocket payments…” ” Dr. Margaret Faux

Read the full article, This ‘fair fee’ is neither of those things by Dr Margaret Faux, from The Medical Republic website.

About the Author:
Dr Margaret Faux is a health system administrator, lawyer and registered nurse with a PhD in Medicare compliance, and is the CEO of AIMAC, which offers courses and explainers on legally correct Medicare billing.

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