Symptom-based Syndromic Surveillance, UAE


Synapse is involved in an ongoing international stakeholder consultancy project focussed on AI enabled early detection of pathogens to enable countries to quickly ringfence and contain outbreaks of diseases such as Covid-19 before they become widespread.

Aircoder, our automated clinical coding tool, is being piloted via integration with one of our United Arab Emirates partners, through our Dubai office. Together, we are working on early symptom recording using information from available EMRs to gain actionable data by funnelling SNOMED codes through meticulously designed and tested predicative analytics & algorithms.

This project captures data from all clinics and hospitals in a geographic region, enabling governing bodies to see what is affecting their population in real time, and take appropriate action.

This project involves significant resource, deep knowledge of international coding and health system classifications, and multi-organisational training to ensure the integration of various systems is seamless, whilst producing the most accurate results possible.

This exciting partnership will soon to be rolled out across the UAE, enabling adopting organisations the ability to catch, and control dangerous pathogens quickly.

This is an ongoing consultancy project that is expected to be expanded internationally.

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