Demystifying Medicare – What every doctor should know


Do you understand the Medicare system and are you confident that your billing processes comply with requirements?   

Billing under the Medicare system can be challenging, despite being a regular task for many healthcare providers. It’s not uncommon for billing errors to occur, and this can result in unfavourable consequences for healthcare providers.

This informative and practical webinar will include:

·       an overview of the legal framework governing the Medicare system, including regulation and legislation

·       the practicalities of billing and how to interpret the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS)

·       an introduction to new and innovative Medicare training due to launch in 2023

·       what to expect if you are subject to an investigation under the Practitioner Review Program or Professional Services Review

·       the assistance, support and resources available for MDA National Members.

The session will include a live Q&A with our expert presenters. Questions can be submitted at registration and, if time permits, taken on the day.


·       Linda Baxter, Director, CPD, Leo Cussens Centre for Law

·       Andrew Davey, Director, Unsworth Legal

·       Dr Margaret Faux, Founder & CEO, Synapse Medical Services

·       Dr Kiely Kim, Medico-Legal Adviser, MDA National

·       Gae Nuttall, Risk Adviser, MDA National

·       Shirley Southgate, Executive Director, Leo Cussens Centre for Law

Moderator: Nerissa Ferrie, Medico-Legal Adviser, MDA National

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