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More mental health specialists needed to respond to growing demand for services, Experts at Advance Health Forum State

29 Sep 2019


Dubai-UAE: 29th September, 2019 – Dubai Science Park (DSP), a science- and healthcare-focused business community, convened key industry stakeholders at its Advance Health forum to discuss the current status and future direction of mental health in the UAE.

New Synapse India Office!

25 Sep 2019

Last week was a wonderful moment for Synapse Medical Services as we moved into our new office in Chennai. We held a magnificent inauguration on Wednesday 25th September 2019. We’d like to offer special thanks to our guest of honour from Australian Department of Foreign Affairs …

Synapse connect September 2019 – announcing new ‘share patients’ function in the Synapps MBS!

23 Sep 2019

Hello Synapse Network,

Welcome to the spring edition of Connect in which we have exciting updates on our revolutionary Synapps Medical Billing System, including a new ‘share patient’ function, the increasing demand for medical billing education, a new private practice concept …

A billing platform for rural health services

20 Sep 2019

Earlier this year, we visited Hobart, Tasmania for the 15th National Rural Health Conference to showcase how our solutions could be used in the most remote of locations. The aim was to spread the word about Synapse’s medical administration services, such as our mobile Medica…

Wrap up from the Australian College of Nurse Practitioners National Conference, 2-5 Sept 2019

12 Sep 2019

The Australian College of Nurse Practitioners is the peak professional body for Nurse Practitioners and Advanced Practice Nurses in Australia. The fact that their vision statement “Instil nurse practitioner knowledge, competency and capability through access to quality educ…

RACGP takes aim at Co-op membership fees in return for bulk-billed services

11 Sep 2019


RACGP President Dr Harry Nespolon has called out the Federal Government to address what appear to be double standards in how bulk-billing practices are permitted to operate. The National Health Co-op, with 11 clinics around the ACT, charge individuals a $10 a month memb…

Icon Cancer Centre medical billing system roll out

2 Sep 2019


After a very successful 8 month trial using our amazing end to end, app based, medical billing system, we are thrilled to announce Icon Cancer Centre is rolling it out across its entire network. The results spoke for themselves – rejected claims reduced to almost zero, …

Synapse’s Margaret Faux presents at RACS Workshop

26 Aug 2019

The Royal Australasian College of Surgeons ran their Preparation for Practice workshop in Melbourne on 17-18 August and we were invited to contribute. It was a pleasure and a privilege for Synapse to be involved in this workshop. Participants were engaged, and took part in …

Synapse and AIMAC to offer billing and educational solutions to NATSIHWA members

22 Aug 2019

Earlier this year, we visited Hobart, Tasmania for the 15th National Rural Health Conference. While there we met with the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Worker Association (NATSIHWA) delegation. NATSIHWA is the peak body representing Aboriginal and/or Torre…

Who’s a Medicare expert? Anyone by law, no one in reality

18 Jul 2019

Written by Margaret Faux – Founder & CEO at Synapse Medical Services, published in Medical Observer, 16th July 2019.
Does experience or education make an expert, or both?
Like knowing exactly when to enter a roundabout, the word ‘expert’ feels imprecise and poorly def…

A History of Medical Records in the Ancient World

15 Jul 2019

Medical records have a surprisingly long and illustrious history, stretching back to ancient civilisations like those in Egypt, Greece and Rome. Just as today medical records are our only evidence that a medical procedure or attempted cure has taken place, ancient stone …

Medicare asking one million patients to hand-deliver cheques to pay doctors

4 Jul 2019

A recent article in the Australian Doctor highlights renewed calls to reform the 90-day cheque scheme, stating Medicare is mailing more than 1.2 million paper cheques – totalling $320 million – for patients to pay their doctors, under a system referred to as a “living relic …

Dubai to become 3D printing hub

25 Jun 2019

Health professionals have gathered again in Dubai for the seventh edition of the Advance Health networking event, held by Dubai Science Park (DSP) to generate discussion on the processes, applications, and the conditions for adopting 3D printing technology in the healthcare sec…

Synapse to Sponsor Charity Rally Team

21 Jun 2019

Team aiming to raise $5000 for Cancer Council in Mystery Box Rally 2019
As one of Australia’s largest community lead fundraising events for the Cancer Council, each year the Mystery Box Rally sends competitors and their vehicles into the bush for 5 days of driving challenges. …

Medicare billing, law and practice: Complex, incomprehensible and beginning to unravel

12 Jun 2019

Holding up a mirror to Medicare – do we like what we see?

“This article is one for the serious Medicare, medical billing and health insurance nerds. In it I have unpacked the Australian Medicare and medical billing legislation and demonstrated where the gaps are in p…

What is Clinical Coding?

4 Jun 2019

Why Synapse for Remote Clinical Coding?
Synapse offers multi-jurisdictional professional clinical coding services that are flexible, transparent and competitively priced to suit the needs of individual clients. Whether you need ongoing coding support or you want to catch up on a…

Synapse Connect May 2019 Bulletin

28 May 2019

Hello Network,

In our Christmas newsletter we remarked how quickly the year had passed and so far 2019 has been no different. I am delighted to bring you up to speed with what has been an extremely hectic year to date.

As our clients will have noticed it’s been a non-stop…

Synapse CEO appointed to NSW Government Council

24 May 2019

Margaret Faux has been awarded a ministerial appointment on the NSW Government’s Council for Women’s Economic Opportunity (CWEO).
Chaired by Hon Bronnie Taylor MLC, NSW Minister for Mental Health, Regional Youth and Women, the Council provides the NSW Government with special…

Industry Member Focus

13 May 2019

As an industry member of Days Hospitals Australia, we were delighted to be showcased in their latest email bulletin.
Day Hospitals Australia supports and represents stand alone day hospitals within the Australian health care environment by supporting their business and their emp…

Seriously, Information Security

29 Apr 2019

Last year we blogged about our successful recertification of our ISO 9001 quality standards. At that time we mentioned that we weren’t stopping there, our Quality Manager Gomathi was overseeing an audit process that would see our IT systems in both India and Australia certifi…

Experts Compare Benefits of Public and Private Healthcare Systems at Advance Health

23 Apr 2019

Dubai-UAE: 18th April, 2019 – Dubai Science Park (DSP), a science and healthcare-focused business community, brought together leading experts to discuss the merits and challenges of public and private healthcare systems with the aim of determining which model wor…

Health Minister Greg Hunt said the bulk-billing rate is up and fewer patients have costs when they see a GP.

12 Apr 2019

ABC Fact Check on bulk-billing rate when patients see a GP

The Australian Labor Party has announced that they promise to end the Medicare rebate freeze should they win government, a move since matched by the Coalition in its latest Budget.

Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt …

Have out-of-pocket costs to visit a GP gone up 25 per cent under the Coalition Government?

11 Apr 2019

ABC Fact Check on out-of-pocket costs to visit a GP

The Australian Labor Party has announced that they promise to end the Medicare rebate freeze should they win the election.

After this announcement, Senator Kristina Keneally tweeted: “Under [Scott Morrison] and the Liberal…

National Rural Health Conference – Tasmania

8 Apr 2019

From 24th to 27th March 2019, Synapse attended the 15th National Rural Health Conference in Hobart, Tasmania, represented by our Business Development Director, Thom Soutter and our Australian based Business Development Manager, Amanda Barbone. The aim was to spread the word abou…

“Thinking Outside the Hospital Box” with Murdoch University Dubai

19 Mar 2019

Ranking UAE healthcare as best 10th worldwide on systems operations, efficiency and quality
Press Release
Celebrating the UAE’s global Health Care ranking and discussing leadership in Health Care Management

Dubai, UAE – Murdoch University Dubai held a Health Care Managemen…

Revolutionise your medical billing with Synapse’s industry disruptive Medical Billing System packages!

27 Feb 2019

Last year we launched our app based medical billing system Synapps MBS to supercharge your medical billing at a fraction of the cost. Backed by a powerful rules engine Synapps MBS users can bill with confidence, receive payments faster and with fewer rejections.

We’ve listen…

The importance of data in improving healthcare – Advance Health

21 Feb 2019

DUBAI, 23rd February, 2019 — Dubai Science Park, a science and healthcare-focused business community, hosted the fifth edition of its Advance Health event, a networking platform that connects key healthcare stakeholders in the UAE.

The forum, which brings together leadin…

Arab Health 2019

20 Feb 2019

Arab Health 2019 was as busy as ever and we rounded up the week with a Dubai Science Park networking event, which is held annually during the conference. We were delighted to be part of the “Industry Hub” for the evening and speak to delegates from around the globe about busi…

Is this the biggest Medicare rort of all?

19 Feb 2019

Written by Margaret Faux – Founder & CEO at Synapse Medical Services, published in Medical Observer, 4th February, 2019.

Hospitals pestering GPs to add a name to referrals so they can bulk-bill outpatients smacks of a double-dipping scandal

If you relied on the MBS,…

Clinical Coding with Synapse Medical Services

8 Feb 2019

Synapse Medical Services is an Australian owned company excelling in remote clinical coding solutions for hospitals of any size. We offer service solutions for both paper based and electronic medical records for long term, short term or intermittent engagements.

To learn mor…