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International Consultancy – Building the future of Indian UHC

27 Apr 2018

One endeavour that Synapse Medical Services was delighted to be part of was the appointment of our CEO, Margaret Faux, as an honorary advisor to the National Institute of Public Finance and Policy (NIPFP) in New Delhi, India.

This project was funded by the Bill & Melinda G…

Our Arabian adventure continues…

16 Apr 2018

We started the year making our second appearance as an exhibitor at the largest healthcare conference in the GCC, and second in the world, Arab Health. This expansive showcase of all things healthcare allowed us to bring visibility to our United Arab Emirates journey so far, show…

Internal Mapping – Synapse makes your codes international best practice

10 Apr 2018

Another international consultancy project that Synapse has in progress currently is a one-time mapping of internal codes for a market leading government hospital in the Middle East.

The hospital had been using self-made internal codes that had developed over time. These codes …

Market leading software to improve efficiency

9 Apr 2018

This consultancy project involved a private hospital who wanted a third party to visit the facility and analyse their current system processes and provide a complete report and gap analysis. The end goal being to move to a new software that would improve efficiency in hospital op…

Building a state-wide initiative with Governmental support

6 Apr 2018

Our consulting services extend internationally through our global network. One wonderful initiative we are involved in is to assist a state in India with regards to the gathering of critical health data, prior to the implementation of an electronic medical record.

This large s…

Large Public Hospital – Saving time and money

4 Apr 2018

Synapse can undertake one-time projects when healthcare providers are struggling with a set performance issue or a time sensitive target.

We aim to understand our clients and become a trusted partner, even if a solo project is required. This is possible due to our flexibility …

Opportunities in the GCC Healthcare Market

28 Mar 2018

The healthcare market in the Gulf Cooperation Countries (GCC) region is undergoing a revolution. A combination of age, affluence, lifestyle and dietary choices has led populations in this region to a higher prevalence of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity, and other condit…

Shining some light on bulk billing and #OutOfPocket costs

25 Mar 2018

Fourth in series – Articles on out of pocket medical expenses.

The legalities and practicalities behind bulk billing generally are not well understood, but in her latest contribution to Croakey’s ongoing #OutOfPocket series, Margaret Faux, aims to throw some illuminating l…

Healthcare Disrupted

16 Mar 2018

Healthcare systems have been creaking under the strain of outdated models for some time now, with ageing populations, staff shortages and curative as opposed to preventative models of care. In this article, we’ll explore the changes to these systems, technologies and how we are…

Social Media – The Rise of Video Content at Synapse!

5 Mar 2018

It’s a well-known fact that social media has revolutionised the way businesses use technology. Now, however, with the rise of video content, it appears that there are more changes ahead.

Video Content

When someone says videos, we tend to think of YouTube. After all, YouTu…

The United Nations of Synapse

28 Feb 2018

An article by Thom Soutter

The Kangaroos, Team India and The Poms…

Where would you expect to find all of the above? Yes, usually the above would be associated with the Cricket World Cup, but these days you also see a mix of Australian, Indian and English at Synapse Medica…

It’s enough to make you swear: the complexities of medical billing and out of pocket costs

27 Feb 2018

Third in series – Articles on out of pocket medical expenses.

It is quite possible that reading this article about the complexities of medical fees will furrow your brow and possibly even give you a headache. The issues it canvasses left at least one hospital executive sighi…

‘No-gap’ does not guarantee there will be no gap

22 Feb 2018

Second in series – Articles on out of pocket medical expenses

In her previous post in Croakey’s #OutOfPocket series, Margaret Faux acquainted us with Section 51 (xxiiiA) of the Australian Constitution, which enshrines doctors’ right to set their own fees, regardless of gov…

Out of pocket costs: a critical health issue to watch in 2018 – but first, some history

21 Feb 2018

First in series – Articles on out of pocket medical expenses.

Out of pocket healthcare costs are set to be one of the health politics/policy issues for 2018. In this recent Croakey post author Margaret Faux provides some history on the topic along with an outline of the issu…

Inside Arab Health 2018

5 Feb 2018

In this article, we will explore Arab Health, a conference which first took place in Dubai in 1975 and somewhere that Synapse Medical Services is proud to have exhibited at in 2017 and 2018.

What is it?
Arab Health is a conference which hosts the largest collection of healthc…

ahha 10 Year Health Agreement Blueprint Roundtable

4 Oct 2017

Margaret was delighted to be invited to present at the recent ahha 10 Year Health Agreement Blueprint Roundtable. To find out more please click on the below link.

Private health insurance policy: a dog’s breakfast?

27 Sep 2017

After recent media reports many healthcare and consumer groups have asked for a comprehensive enquiry into “junk” health fund policies.

In this article Margaret surmises that there is no such thing as health fund policy Nirvana.…

Lies, damned lies and Medicare bulk-billing rates

28 Nov 2016

In this article recently published in The Medical Republic, Margaret Faux discusses the myth that 85% of GP services are bulk billed. Please click on the below link to read this fascinating article.…