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Medical Republic article – Too many standards to bear

18 Nov 2021

In the November 16 issue of The Medical Republic’s Money & Medicine newsletter, Solicitor and CEO of Synapse Medical, Dr Margaret Faux, discusses the poorly understood standard of clinical relevance as Doctors try to navigate a spaghetti junction of standards for Medicare b…

Medical Republic article – Medicare365: punting on compliance

4 Nov 2021

In the November 2 issue of The Medical Republic’s Money & Medicine newsletter, Solicitor and CEO of Synapse Medical, Dr Margaret Faux, discusses Doctor’s compliance and assessing reliable advice and support from Medicare.

When Margaret asked doctors who participa…

Medical Republic article – When it comes to billing, doctors eat their young

21 Oct 2021

In the recent article for The Medical Republic, Solicitor and CEO of Synapse Medical, Margaret Faux, discusses Medicare billing in a GP practice and the lack of education for registrars.

“…my research found some commendable attempts to teach correct use of Medicare, the ov…

Medical Republic article – Medical billing is full of reasonable doubts

7 Oct 2021

There is a common view that medical billing is easy and doctors can learn what they need to know on the job. In the third article in this series, Margaret Faux highlights a few items that no one (including Medicare) knows how to bill correctly.

Read the full article, Medical b…

Medical Republic article – Medicare: how it started, how it’s going

22 Sep 2021

In 1975 when Medibank (later Medicare) was first introduced, the regulatory landscape was pretty simple.

Forty-five years later, it has morphed into a twisted and snarled morass of incoherent laws and other legal instruments, so complex and mercurial it would be beyond the com…

Medical Republic article – Why I did a PhD on Medicare claiming and compliance

7 Sep 2021

In this series of articles for TMR’s Money & Medicine, Margaret Faux shares her extensive research findings and recommendations for reform designed to modernise Medicare.

The first article in the series, reveals Margaret’s journey into the complexities of the Medicare …

Medical Republic article – MBS Wild West

7 Sep 2021

In the recent article for The Medical Republic,  Solicitor and CEO of Synapse Medical, Margaret Faux, discusses the launch of their online educational platform called the Australian Institute of Medical Administration and Compliance (AIMAC).

“We’re very excited to have pu…

Criminalising split medical bills? We are in la la land!

18 Aug 2021

The latest article for Croakey Health Media by our CEO, Margaret Faux, discussing the Private Healthcare Australia proposal to criminalise surprise split medical bills. Arguing this is an ill-conceived, non-evidence-based overreach, that does not fit within the proper role of…

Anthony Albanese says the cost of visiting your doctor has increased by more than 30 per cent since the Coalition took office. Is he correct?

23 Jul 2021

Margaret Faux featuring in #Medicare #GP #Doctor news in #Australian today.
The claim
In a prelude to what the next federal election campaign may look like, Labor says cutting Medicare is “in the Liberals’ DNA”.
On June 8, 2021, Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese attac…

Greg Hunt says nearly 90 per cent of people receive their GP services for free. Is he correct?

22 Jul 2021

The claim

The federal government has come under fire from doctors for its decision to make changes to more than 900 items on the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS).

The impact of these changes, which came into effect on July 1 after a five-year MBS review, remains to be seen….

Telehealth is not quite the colt from old Regret but it sure as hell has got away

19 May 2020

Published in Pulse + IT Magazine

Written by Margaret Faux and Heather Grain on 18 May 2020

Telehealth has bolted away as fast as the colt from old Regret as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. The federal Health Minister, Greg Hunt, says he wants telehealth to continue post …

Is forcing GPs to bulk-bill the MBS Covid items legal?

6 May 2020

There is a clause for GPs using the new telehealth items: patients defined as ‘susceptible’ to COVID-19 must be bulk-billed (no exceptions). 

Is this legal? Margaret Faux, an expert on Medicare and its mysteries, offers her view.

The roll out of new COVID-19 MBS te…

Frenetic law making during the COVID-19 pandemic: the impact on doctors, patients and the Medicare system

24 Apr 2020

“The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken even Medicare’s pillars to their core and placed more than a virus under a microscope. Bulk billing is now the subject of experimentation in a petri dish of its own.”

Margaret Faux unpacks the constitutional barrier to mandated bulk billing …

Billing in Byzantium

13 Mar 2020

Delighted to announce that our CEO & Founder, Margaret Faux appears on the latest episode of Pomegranate Health; the podcast from the The Royal Australasian College of Physicians about the culture of Medicine. Australia has one of the best value health systems in the world, b…

Published in the Journal of Law and Medicine (2019) 27 JLM 66

10 Nov 2019

Medicare Billing, Law and Practice: Complex, Incomprehensible and Beginning to Unravel
Margaret Faux, Jonathan Wardle and Jon Adams*

Australia’s Medicare is still widely considered one of the world’s best health systems. However, continual political tinkering for 40 years h…

Medicare billing, law and practice: Complex, incomprehensible and beginning to unravel

12 Jun 2019

Holding up a mirror to Medicare – do we like what we see?

“This article is one for the serious Medicare, medical billing and health insurance nerds. In it I have unpacked the Australian Medicare and medical billing legislation and demonstrated where the gaps are in p…

‘Unnecessary risk’: GPs dumped in Medicare muddle

15 Nov 2018

The study referenced in the Australian Doctor article and published in BMJ Open 2018 was led by Synapse CEO Margaret Faux.

GPs are being exposed to the “unnecessary risk” of falling foul of Medicare rules because so few organisations are willing to provide guidance on ho…

Law trumps Medicare advice on bulk-bill vouchers

8 Nov 2018

You’re likely guilty of this, so beware: the law trumps Medicare advice on bulk-bill vouchers
Having patients sign the vouchers – and then filing them in a place other than the bin – is more important than you might think.
Make one false move with Medicare and you’ll end up i…

Healthcare’s out-of-pocket crisis

1 Nov 2018

Jennifer Dogget, Editor for Croakey, is writing a series of health columns for Inside Story. In this article she weighs in on out of pocket expenses with quotes from Synapse CEO Margaret Faux:
Fast-rising medical expenses are restricting access to healthcare and increasing long-…

Research investigates medical billing literacy in Australia

30 Aug 2018

Of all the things a trainee medical practitioner must learn, how to bill their patients is one of the most problematic.
A single Medicare service can be the subject of more than 30 different payment rates, myriad rules and strict penalties, including custodial sentences, for no…

Synapse serves as successful example for DFAT’s India Economic Strategy

31 Jul 2018

The following is an excerpt from the DFAT India Economic Strategy by Mr Peter N Varghese AO

Synapse: A successful model of integrated service delivery for Australia and India

Australian company Synapse Medical Services has found an opportunity to …

Who teaches medical billing? A national cross-sectional survey of Australian medical education stakeholders

27 Jul 2018

Everyone involved in the practice of healthcare is expected to know how to bill correctly yet it’s not being taught in any systematic or organised fashion by anyone.

Synapse Principal and CEO Margaret Faux has been studying this issue in her PhD thesis, this article published …

Synapse hopes to restore trust between patients, providers and payers

25 Jul 2018

Pulse+IT article – Synapps MBS launch
Written by Kate McDonald
First published by Pulse+IT on 9/7/2018

Sydney medical billing, clinical coding and medical transcription specialist Synapse has launched a new rules engine-based app called Synapps MBS, aimed at ensuring Medic…

Shining some light on bulk billing and #OutOfPocket costs

25 Mar 2018

Fourth in series – Articles on out of pocket medical expenses.

The legalities and practicalities behind bulk billing generally are not well understood, but in her latest contribution to Croakey’s ongoing #OutOfPocket series, Margaret Faux, aims to throw some illuminating l…

It’s enough to make you swear: the complexities of medical billing and out of pocket costs

27 Feb 2018

Third in series – Articles on out of pocket medical expenses.

It is quite possible that reading this article about the complexities of medical fees will furrow your brow and possibly even give you a headache. The issues it canvasses left at least one hospital executive sighi…

‘No-gap’ does not guarantee there will be no gap

22 Feb 2018

Second in series – Articles on out of pocket medical expenses

In her previous post in Croakey’s #OutOfPocket series, Margaret Faux acquainted us with Section 51 (xxiiiA) of the Australian Constitution, which enshrines doctors’ right to set their own fees, regardless of gov…

Out of pocket costs: a critical health issue to watch in 2018 – but first, some history

23 Jan 2018

First in series – Articles on out of pocket medical expenses

Out of pocket healthcare costs are set to be one of the health politics/policy issues for 2018. In this recent Croakey post author Margaret Faux provides some history on the topic along with an outline of the issue…

Private Health Insurance: A look under the bonnet

7 Dec 2017

Australian private health insurers (PHI) have an image problem. They are never out of the headlines for long, are criticised for inappropriately profiteering from a $6 billion government handout and still their products seem to offer poor value and satisfy no one. Margaret Faux d…

Behind the headlines on hospital waiting times lies a murky story about lack of structural accountability

20 Jun 2017

Recent Australian Institute of Health and Welfare report reveals that patients in public hospitals with private health insurance have short waiting times for elective surgery than those without private health insurance. Margaret explores behind the headlines in this article.


Increasing Medicare rebates in the bush will not decrease patient out of pocket costs. Here’s why.

20 Jan 2017

A Ministerial Advisory Committee on private health reform has proposed an increase in Medicare rebates as a way of reducing out-of-pocket costs when rural patients require inpatient services. It seems logical but will it really achieve its objective? In this article Margaret expl…