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The cheque’s in the mail: managing arrears and bad debt in private practice

31 Aug 2012

The Cheque is in the mail (622 KB)…

Claiming Control, The Private Practice Magazine

22 Jun 2012

If a claim is made to Medicare with your provider number on it, Margaret Faux explains why the responsibility for it lies solely with you.
Claiming Control (685 KB)…

Medicare Matters, The Private Practice Magazine

4 Apr 2012

Working in the medical-billing arena is always interesting. Dealing with the machinations of Medicare and the health funds has been a continuous learning process.
Medicare Matters (393 KB)…

Handle with Care, The Private Practice magazine

10 Nov 2011

Can a patient provide too much information? Margaret Faux discusses the laws around privacy and what health professionals can do to safeguard records.

In the provision of health care, it seems strange to even contemplate that there could be too much information about a patient…


6 Sep 2011

When is medical information too much information?

In the provision of health care, it seems strange to even consider that there could be too much information about a patient. Doctors are trained to only consider diagnosis and treatment when all the available facts have been ga…

Mind the gap, Medical Billing, The Private Practice magazine

6 Sep 2011

It’s a fact that some doctors misunderstand the constraints of bulk billing. To set the record straight, Margaret Faux explains the Medicare rules, using out-of-hospital services as an example.

When it comes to billing outpatients, with the exception of worker’s compensation, …

Myth Busting, Medical Billing, The Private Practice magazine

30 Sep 2010

Navigating the medical billing maze can be maddening, but dispelling five common beliefs helps to make sense of the system, writes Margaret Faux.

1. Simplified billing is simple
This is possibly the greatest misnomer in medical history. Simplified billing otherwise known as n…

Private Practice in a Bag, The Private Practice

18 Jun 2010

By Margaret Faux. In the 1990s, the spread of computers promised to free up office workers. Without the need for paper, workers would be able to set up their computer wherever there was space.

But it took a decade for “hot desking” to catch on. Today there are profes…